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Fit TipsReflections

How to keep FIT and don’t get crazy?

I wrote you many times that I care about being active and make healthy choices everyday. In my reality I consider myself as a FIT person. The question is, do we all have the same definition of being fit? Probably many people think that I’m not fit, because I haven’t run a few marathons, my muscles are too small or I'm not strong enough. In the same time others think that I'm just too muscled, I'm obsessed with healthy food
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My styleUSA

Wynwood – the most colorful district in Miami

Miami is called the city of artists. Although it is often associated with the background for music videos, fast cars and nightclubs (which is also true), it also has a less commercial and alternative side. And that's because of the eclectic Wynwood district in the city center. It is famous for its huge murals, but it is also home to many art galleries, shops with handmade products and antiques, bars and restaurants with unusual decor. In short words, it’s one
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I’ve moved to Miami!

I’ve moved to Miami! I’m standing with my feet in the ocean, when the huge pelicans try to catch their breakfast around me. The Atlantic Ocean is raging and dark blue. The palm trees on the beach bend under the strong wind. It’s November and the hurricane season, which ravaged the coast of Florida and the Caribbean, is just about to end. Here, on the southeast coast where I live, only slightly frayed palm leaves remind me that power of
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Lagunas of Atacama Desert – rainbow in the middle of nowhere

If you ask me, what impressed me the most during my trip to South America – the path of natural wonders  – I can honestly say that my number one is the Perito Moreno Glacier and right after it, the Atacama Desert. Atacama is one gigantic natural wonder. Every place – the limitless extent of the sand, green valleys, sky-blue lagunas and gaunt mountain tops have amazed me with their virgin beauty. Against all appearances, one of the driest places on
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GreeceMy style

Mediterranean vibrations

In Poland summer is still fighting, but I have the impression that it slowly loses this fight with the autumn coming very fast . But not here in Greece. South Europe is experiencing its apogee in August. The heat is poured out of the sky, the cypresses smell even more intense. The relief can be found only by immersing in the intense blue Mediterranean Sea, or sipping iced coffee in one of the street taverns. I associate summer in Europe  with the
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The Open Air Village Museum in Lublin

Recently I’ve visited an extraordinary place and I’d like to share it with you. It’s The Open Air Village Museum in Lublin located in the picturesque valley of Czechówka River. Very little people know about it, which I consider a serious omission since it’s one of the largest open air museums in Poland! It’s the treasure trove of history and culture, presenting not only cultural diversity of Lublin Voivodeship, but also intangible heritage of the region. Poland is a beautiful
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