Helicopter flight over glaciers and Engadine mountains in Switzerland

Another dream from the list is fulfilled! A helicopter flight in Switzerland over glaciers was one of the most beautiful experiences during my last trip.

I don’t know for how long I’ve been waiting for this, but sometimes you just have to find the right moment and the right place. I have already tried a skydiving on Floridaparagliding in Austria and light aircraft flying lesson in Miami, but until now I never flew in a helicopter! I think I was waiting for some spectacular place and Switzerland is perfect for that. When I was planning my trip to St. Moritz, which is undoubtedly a winter wonderland, I knew that a flight over glaciers must finally happend here.

I decided to do it with HeliBernina, because they have quite an extensive offer of the scenic flights, which are designed to show the most beautiful views and guarantee possibilities of taking pictures.

Scenic flights options include a choice of three standard routes with a minimum of four passengers per flight. For groups of four to five people, the route of the flight can be adapted to the wishes of the passengers (which is a great option if you travel with friends or family). You can choose a short, 20 minute flight, or longer picturesque 40, 45 or 60 minute flights.

I had a very tight schedule during that trip and only one, free afternoon to make this flight. Luckly, the weather that day was perfect with a great visibility.

What to expect from a helicopter flight in St. Moritz? Snowy mountain peaks, stunning glaciers and rough cliffs. The bird’s eye view gives a unique perspective on the magical world of the Engadine mountains. Watching this region from the air is probably the most breathtaking and inspiring activity you can experience there.

I don’t have many pictures, because I was mainly focused on admiring the landscape and absorbing this experience. This flight was a gift I made to myself for my 4th birthday blog and it was definitely the most beautiful way to celebrate it.

Another thing on my bucket list is bungee jumping :) Any suggestions where is the best place to do it?