My first flying lesson – I was flying a plane over Miami!

I do not know about you, but I’ve always dreamt of flying. It’s a little child dream to fly planes and be a pilot. It turns out that nowadays it is more achievable than ever. During my stay in Miami, I discovered the flight school – Icaro Learn 2 Fly, where you can take a flight lesson on a light aircraft. This small family company with 40 years of experience in aviation, was founded by two brothers from Ecuador, who decided to spread their knowledge here in Miami.

The first flying lesson lasts about 1.5 hour, during which the experienced pilot teaches step by step how the interior of the aircraft looks like, how to navigate it, how to take off, fly, and finally land. This first lesson is already included in the full pilot course that I would like to do.

Everything is taught in practice, sitting on a plane and flying over the most beautiful places of Miami, which only heightens the impression – believe me, the view of skyscrapers and South Beach from the top is just overwhelming.

Instead of writing about it, I want to show it to you, so that you can feel the emotions that accompany this experience a little more. And this is one of those that literally and figuratively changes the perspective :) Below I publish a full video from my first flying lesson – let me know what you think! :)