The best place for paragliding in Tyrol, Austria

You know how much I love trying new things and setting myself new challenges! I try to live “here and now” and I don’tpostpone my life, but if I have a chance to have a new experience – I go for it!  However, the one aspect I care for it that I want the place to be unique and unforgettable. Sometimes I prefer to wait or pay more, just to be sure that I draw 1000% from this experience. This was the case with my dream skydiving, which I finally managed to do on Key West, Florida (the view of the sharks floating in the lagoons during I was jumping – priceless!) and my first light aircraft flying lesson in Miami (the city that has a special place in my heart). 

Next on my dream list was paragliding. I had a few unsuccesful approaches to paragliding due to the lack of time while travelling, bad weather, and the feeling that the view won’t be spectacular.

And finally the right moment came in Tyrol over the Rofanseilbahn valley and Lake Achensee surrounded by the mountains. If you dream of paragliding, I found the perfect place to make this dream come true with Tandem Achensee.

What you should know before?

  • The weather: with the paragliding, just like with the skydiving, there’s always a key challenge: be lucky with the right weather. And the right one doesn’t mean sunny and warm, because sometimes on the nice days the jump is impossible. The conditions for adequate air currents and wind strength it’s more important than a sun. For example – I’ve been trying to paraglide in Tyrol every day for several days, until I was able to do it on the last day before departure. It’s worth not giving up immediately and remember that sometimes you have to wait a few days for the weather window. Paragliding in Tyrol its possible all year round and even in winter, when it’s a fairytale experience.
  • Preparation: the first meeting of the participants with pilots takes place at the Rofanseilbahn cable car. After reaching the top, you need to overcome a short distance to the place where you start. You get all the necessary information on a short briefing (how to start, what position to keep, what to expect). Then the instructor will provide you with a helmet and equip you with a wing, two seat belts and a rescue system, and then attach them to you.
  • Take-off and flight: It starts by quick running until the paraglider is blown away by the wind. It doesn’t require any special skills or great form. The flight itself, depending on the season, lasts from 20 minutes to an hour (the warmer the longer). You land on a the Mauracher roundabout in the city center, so don’t leave your belongings at the top of the mountain so that you don’t have to come back for them.
  • What to bring: definitely sport clothes, comfortable shoes that will not fall down during the run. During tge autumn and winter time wear a hat and gloves, sunglasses will be needed year round.
  • Price: depending on the type of  the flight and its length, prices range from 107 to 179 euros for a panoramic flight. You can check all available flight types HERE. If you like adrenaline, I recommend you a rollercoaster flight during which you will do the acrobatics – that’s the adventure! Be sure to buy the option with photos and videos (the instructor will document everything using GoPro), because it is a great souvenir. The cost is 25 euros.

Last but not least, have a look on a short video from this expierience. What a view!