I jumped out of the plane! Skydiving experience on Key West

Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities ~ T. Fargo

You know that I like adventures and try to live “here and now”. Life goes too fast to postpone things you want to experience. My list of things I want to try in life is long, but consistently, step by step, I mark next points on it.

Florida seems to be perfect to try new things. During my stay in Miami I had some amazing adventures (I will share them with you soon). I’ve started from the top of my list of  “must do” which was a skydiving. This was my second try, because the first one in Playa del Carmen in Mexico unfortunately failed due to the unexpected weather conditions.

Generally speaking, skydiving is a bit a lottery in terms of weather, so the biggest part is waiting for the lack of clouds, the right wind, etc. Until the very last moment you are at the mercy of nature, which intensifies the emotions even more.

It was my first jump, so I really wanted it to do it in an unique place with the amazing views. It was worth waiting, because thanks to Skydive Key West in Florida I did something that forced me to leave the comfort zone and took a risk, but it was definitely a lifetime adventure.

I could describe here how was it and how I felt, but no words will describe the feelings, so I will show it to you instead.

Take a sit, take a deep breath and let’s begin! :)