Entners Am See – the most beautiful hotel by Lake Achensee in Austria

I haven’t recommended you any hotel for a long time and it’s because I only like to show you a very special and unique places around the world. If I stop at some, I try to choose the boutique ones with interesting design and something unique that makes you stay for longer. I like to recommend you these gems tested while traveling, because as much as in life, while travelling, diversity is important to me. Depending on the type of the trip and the place, it’s equally good to sleep in a tent under the stars, as well as in a beautiful hotel that gives a pleasant sense of luxury. Why not to have a little of everything in life?

I’m against choosing one style of travelling and I don’t think that one is better or worse than another. I focus on balance, which is why on my blog you will find trips to the places in the middle of nowhere without running water, as well as idyllic places for a luxurious getaway. Life is too short to not try different experiences.

That is why in the first post from Austria, as part of my and Michael’s EUROPE FOR WEEKEND series, I want to share with you my latest discovery – boutique hotel Entners Am See in Tirol.

Amazing location and warm welcoming

Entners Am See was our base for exploring Tyrol and its location turned out to be perfect to see the most interesting places in the region. The hotel is located on the west bank of Tyrol’s largest lake – Achensee. What’s better – it’s surround by mountains what guarantee spectacular views. Regardless of the weather and season, the aura surrounding this small Austrian town of Pertisau is electrifying.

We were here at the end of October and despite the fact that many advise against Austria at this time of year – due to possible bad weather, it came out as usual – the weather was perfect. Most days were very sunny with a temperature over 20 degrees.

But in fact, the place was gaining on those cloudy days, when the mountains were foggy, steam was rising over the lake, and the mysterious landscape was interspersed with the autumn colors of the leaves. Then the hotel itself gained even more coziness. A glass of wine sipping in the lobby with a view of the autumn scenery, a fireplace with sparkling fire, massage in the spa – all these elements were perfectly combined after a full-day mountain trekking.

The advantage of this place and the hotel is that it looks amazing at any time of the year and has appropriate attractions prepared for all weather conditions. In winter, it turns into a magical winter escape after skiing day and in the summer you can sip a drink on the huge terrace by the lake after a day of water sports.

But one thing connects all seasons – warm welcome with champagne and service that is pleasant, helpful, flexible. Due to the quite busy schedule and lots of trekkings in the mountains, we were often late for dinners or didn’t have time for breakfasts and stuff always met our needs – either at dawn lunch boxes were waiting for us or dinner was served at midnight long after the kitchen was closed. There was no problem with extending the hotel day or canceling the last-minute spa treatment. For people who like flexibility is really an important element of excellent guest service.

Unique rooms and intimacy

Entners Am See is an intimate, boutique hotel with only 14 rooms. Each of them is different, individually decorated, combining elements of the glamour and vintage style, which gives a modern, but very cozy combination.

Entners Am See is an intimate, boutique hotel with only 14 rooms. Each of them is different, individually decorated, combining elements of the glamour and vintage style, which gives a modern, but very cozy combination.

I was staying in the amazing Achnesee Design with the feeling that it must be the most beautiful room in the hotel. First of all, it was newly designed, which means that I was the first guest in its new version. The room was minimalistic, in calming green colors, with wooden furniture and a huge bed (how difficult it was to get up for trekking at 4.00am!). I also need to mention that I had a mini living room and the terrace with the best view I could have ever dreamed of here…

The view like from the postcard

That’s right – the view. This is my main indicator in the hotels evaluation. If I have a stunning view from the room, whatever happens inside – goes to the background. Because aren’t we traveling for the amazing views? I don’t know about you, but I remember them the most from my travels, and these are the snapshots I have in my head for a long time.

That is why, as I wrote to you above, I had the feeling that my room was the most beautiful in the entire hotel, because from the terrace there was a stunning view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. It looked perfect at any time of the day, though the sunrises were just the icing on the cake.

Even when I didn’t get up for morning trekking, I set the alarm clock at 6.00 in the morning to be able to enjoy the view of the literally burning sky. Imagine this – total silence, nobody around you, the perfect surface of the lake and your private spectacle prepared by nature. Is there any better start of the day?

Gourmet breakfast and 4-course dinner menu

If you’re a fan of breakfasts like me, you’ll be amazed by the breakfast buffet full of healthy options, local products and freshly made muesli, juices or pastries. The restaurant itself is decorated in a rustic style, with large windows, so that you can enjoy breakfast with a mountain view from the very morning. Add a glass of champagne to enhance the effect of luxury. Because why not? This is what holidays and such places are for.

I also really liked the option of a 4-course dinner menu. Every day a new set with several options to choose from is presented, from which you can assemble your own menu. Everything is beautifully and elegantly served, with a strong emphasis on local flavors and regional dishes.

You can also choose where you want to eat a meal (after prior reservation). If this is your romantic getaway for two, then you can have a moonlight dinner on the panoramic terrace by the lake. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

"This something" - outdoor infinity pool with a lake and mountains view

And the last but not least! In hotels that I recommend to you, I am always looking for “this something”, “icing on the cake” and some distinguishing feature that will make the place stand out from the others and provide an unforgettable experience. At Entners am See it is definitely an outdoor infinity pool, literally cutting into the lake’s surface.

The idea is brilliant, because the water temperature is 33 degrees, so even in autumn and winter it allows you to swim outside. I really think that when it’s cold outside, using such a pool becomes even more pleasant. The intimacy of the hotel means that there are never crowds at the pool, you don’t have to fight for a place. I used it in the evenings, when the dusk fell over the mountains, the lake was gathering fog and the pool was beautifully illuminated. I am telling you – pure magic!

Next to the pool there is also a sauna and inside the hotel there is a second pool and spa – I recommend you all massages – after trekking in the mountains they are salvation!

What else in Achensee?

The Achensee region itself is associated with a place for a romantic or family getaway, because it is very peaceful and quiet here and offers relaxation close to nature, with a pinch of luxury in a hotel with spa.

However, this region between the Rofan and the Karwendel mountains also offers a lot of active entertainment: a few mountain trails with panoramic views, bike routes, and in summer kite-surfing on the lake. It is also one of the best places in Austria to try a paragliding.

Whatever you choose, this beautiful region, regardless of the season, will guarantee you amazing views of the Alps. I will show you more about “must do” in Achensee in the next post from the #europanaweekend series – What to do in Achensee to spend an exciting, active weekend?

The photos you can see in this post are the effect of my collaboration with Michael. We believe in the synergy effect, which is why we have decided to work together during this trip. We hope that it will be an inspiration for your European trips.

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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