Fit gadgets which I always carry during my trips

Training while travelling requires some flexibility. You don’t always have an access to the gym, sometimes there are also no conditions for running. And if you don’t want to give up your sport routine, luckily there are many ways to move.

I never complain that it’s difficult to find time and place to exercise while being on the road. I think quite the opposite – I like to try new activities, trainings and ways to maintain my form. Thanks to this, I never get bored, the body gets new stimulants and I practice in many interesting places.

However, I have developed my methods for effective trainings, which I can do regardless of time and latitude. I only need a few small items that definitely make the workout easier.

So, answering the question: is it possible to keep fit even when traveling?

Absolutely YES!


Take a look at my favorite fit gadgets I always take on my trips. They are small and handy, so your luggage will not even feel their presence :)


TRX is a training with the weight of your own body, to which a special set of adjustable belts is used. TRX belts can be hung up anywhere, which makes this type of exercise a perfect alternative to the gym.

TRX, or suspension training, was invented by the former US Navy SEALS commando, who was looking for the optimal training method for soldiers stationed in military bases around the world. With the use of adjustable Y-shaped belts, you can do many full body workouts, anywhere in your home or outside. All you need is a place to hang them (bar, ladder and even a palm tree).

Thanks to TRX you can evenly expand and strengthen your muscles, without overstraining the joints and spine, so it is the ideal alternative for the gym.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands can be used for comprehensive whole body training. They allow you to train both strength, endurance and speed. You can buy them at various levels of resistance, for example 5, 10 or 20 kg. This means that you can customize your training and gradually change the gradation of the load depending on your needs.

There are a lot of combinations of exercises that you can do thanks to them – from squats, lungs or upper body exercise. They look innocent, but they are very effective. Their unquestionable advantage is practically zero weight and size, what allows you to pack them even into a backpack or hand luggage.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope doesn’t need to be presented to anyone. However, it’s a very underestimated equipment. Most people associate it with a toy from childhood, meanwhile this simple tool allows you to do a really solid, burning cardio workout.

Jumping exercises affect the increase of the heart rate, improve the work of the heart and circulatory system. Regular training not only improves the condition, balance and coordination, but also strengthens the body and increases the flexibility of the joints.

This simple training shapes the calves, thighs and buttocks as well as the arms in a comprehensive way. Additional advantages of skipping rope include low cost of equipment, fast training results and the fact that the training can be done both at home and in the open air.

Gear Fit2 Pro

This is my secret weapon that accompanies me in every kind of activity. A small and light band is a combination of sports watch, fitness wristband and smartwatch, which means that it combines many features useful in training. For me, the most important feature is the built GPS, which is very helpful when you run in new places and don’t know the track. Thanks to this I don’t have to focus on remembering the return way, but only on the pleasure of running.

Gear Fit2 Pro

The second advantage is that it allows you to download music to your watch’s memory and play it during the training on Bluetooth-connected headphones. This is a great solution for those who can’t train without music. I’m one of them. Before Gear Fit2 Pro, I was taking my smartphone everywhere, and because it’s quite big, it was very uncomfortable.

When it comes to its usefulness in the trainings, the Gear Fit2 Pro can be activated by yourself (there are 16 disciplines to choose from), or you can rely on the band, which after 10 minutes of activity will recognize the type of training and turn on the appropriate mode. During the training, the Gear Fit2 Pro also measures your heart rate, so it makes it easier to adjust the intensity of your workout.

Such a small gadget takes as much space as a regular watch, and it easily allows to measure the activity, kilometers and progress.

What are your favorite fit gadgets?