Ecolirios Boutique Hotel&Spa – a luxury eco-friendly cottages in the Costa Rican jungle

Most of the luxury hotels in Costa Rica are small, eco-friendly, and boutique-like places. They are unique, surrounded by incredible nature, and are a guarantee of privacy, which in the modern world is the definition of luxury. When I first discovered Ecolirios Boutique Hotel & Spa, I knew that I found something really special that will make me remember the stay in this country for a long time. And I wasn’t wrong.

Ecolirios is just over two hours’ drive down the scenic road from San José. It leads through the central mountain range, which is also one of the most characteristic national parks of Costa Rica. Steep slopes covered with lush rainforest and fog accompany you throughout the entire trip. But be careful! To overcome the last, several kilometers to the hotel, you will need a 4×4 car. It’s a real off-road that is worth the challenge but also requires preparation.

 Thanks to its location, kilometers away from any civilization, this boutique, luxurious eco-friendly hotel guarantees that your stay will be an unforgettable experience. Just being able to stay and live in a rainforest reserve itself is wonderful. If we combine this with spectacular views from the apartments, the “farm to table” cuisine, wellness spa, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, and excellent service, we get perfection.

Ecolirios Boutique Hotel and Spa is part of the exclusive Enchanting Hotels group. It is one of 13 boutique hotels that are distinguished by exceptional comfort, care for the environment, and benefits for the local community.

The colors and flavors of the Caribbean in an eco-friendly and luxury edition

When it comes to cultural diversity, Costa Rica is a stoking mixture of indigenous heritage, Spanish colonization, and Caribbean, Chinese, Indian and Arab influences. It is a real melting pot of languages, flavors, and shades.

The beautiful Caribbean Coast is where many settlers have chosen to create their new home. Afro-Caribbean climates can be found throughout the province of Limon, from tropical beaches shaded by palm trees and rainforests through rich, agricultural lowlands, to the impressive mountain ranges that border them.

Out of deep love for the Caribbean and this multicultural mixture, the owners of Ecolirios have created an amazing property that is the essence of the local culture. Art plays a huge role here. In the gardens and common areas of this beautiful property, you can admire the magnificent exhibition of the local artist, Adrian Gomez, who smuggles the soul of the Caribbean to his beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Adrian’s distinctive art being in accordance with his “less is more” philosophy, is visible in a series of Caribbean-inspired works that fill the interiors. His works represent, as he says, “fun, peace and freedom” and reflect “the breath of life in the Caribbean”. According to the Caribbean culture, bright colors such as red, pink, orange, and blue are clearly dominant. They are inspiring and show the vitality and heart of this wonderful place.

Sleeping in the rainforest

Ecolirios was created based on the vision of a local family who was in love with these beautiful areas and was willing to share this magic with their guests.

The hotel has only five apartments. They are all located in the rainforest and when it comes to architecture they are works of art. Sophisticated decor created with the use of Costa Rican wood and natural light creates a space for relaxation and direct contact with wildlife, which is truly unique.

I stayed in the mountain apartment and, without exaggeration, I can say that it was one of the most amazing places I stayed in. The design is minimalist with lots of wood, carvings, and furniture crafted to the smallest detail. The terrace literally leads into the surrounding fog and jungle so that I became a part of it. And the windows. The whole house had windows from the ceiling to the floor, which gave the feeling that you sleep directly on the surrounding trees. Incredible experience. Waking up in the heart of such stunningly beautiful nature, hearing tropical birds singing. Drinking coffee every day became a long-awaited ritual and a lesson of gratitude. I will never forget it.

Have I already mentioned the bathroom with the same huge windows that make you feel like you take a shower middle of the jungle? And don’t worry about privacy. The apartments are kilometers apart, so you are surrounded only by a dense, mystical jungle and no people. Could it be more intimate? Luxury in the heart of nature. I’m all in!

Surrounded by wild nature

The property has beautiful gardens where you can walk around and breathe in the fresh mountain air. In addition, there is a private rainforest reserve that is home to many animals and birds. Perfect for a hike during the day. From other activities on-site, I highly recommend a visit to a small animal farm and be sure to ride a horse at dawn to see the Turrialba volcano.

Ecolirios also offers few interesting things that allow you to get to know the area better. For the adventurous ones – rafting on the Pacuare River considered one of the best in the world for this sport. The river flows through lush rainforests and canyons, and its 19 miles are Class III-IV. Total madness!

You can also visit the waterfall safari and the Cableway Braulio Carrillo National Park, where you can go ziplining.

If you are not into the adrenaline, I suggest visiting a chocolate farm. The cocoa bean from which chocolate is made has been part of Costa Rica’s history and its indigenous culture for centuries. Did you know that the Latin name of this tree, Theobroma Cacao, means “food of the gods”? The chocolate farm is managed by a group of enterprising local women. They will take you into the world of cocoa cultivation and the artisanal process of processing this fruit into chocolate.

Farm to table restaurant and sensual menu

After a day full of fresh air, you must give the flavors of Costa Rica at the Ecolirios restaurant a try. Fresh produce from their own farm is used by creative chefs to prepare masterpieces. The fusion of flavors and the freshness of the products provide the palate of experience at its best! Each dish is prepared to stimulate all the senses. This is where I had a chance to eat the best breakfast Pico de gallo!

Let’s not forget about the spa, which offers relaxing, refreshing, and regenerating treatments in the privacy of the rainforest. All of this with the use of organic balms and oils. It’s the perfect place to start or end your day. The massage when being surrounded by plants and the humming stream was perfect!

Ecolirios Boutique Hotel&Spa is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon or simply relaxing in a natural setting. For me, this place embodies what is most beautiful in Costa Rica – nature, cordiality, and wonderful, unforgettable moments.

Located in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica, Ecolirios offers new experiences and delights with its landscape. Nature is always close and can be admired from different perspectives.


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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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