The most beautiful lakes in Tyrol, Austria

Tyrol is an Alpine land located mostly in Austria (South Tyrol – Bolzano South Adige is located in Italy). Apart from mountain hikes and Tyrolean culture, the land also has picturesque lakes with crystal clear water, where you can safely swim. There are also swimming pools, water parks, and other attractions. After my trip to Tyrol and traveling the length and breadth of it, I have prepared for you a list of the most beautiful lakes worth visiting:


The Naturschutzgebiet Vilsalpsee nature reserve is one of the most beautiful places in the Tannheimer Tal valley, Tyrol, and all of Austria. The reserve takes its name from the lake Vilsalpsee. The water temperature in summer usually does not exceed 18°C. On the north shore, you can rent a rowing boat or take a boat trip around the lake and admire the breathtaking views of the Gaishorn and Rauhorn mountains. The Bergaicht waterfall at the end of the valley is also worth a visit.

Hintersteiner See

Lake Hintersteiner See is located within the Wilder Kaiser Naturschutzgebiet protected area. This incredibly picturesque lake is supplied by natural underground springs and mountain meltwater, which results that the water is relatively cold. In summer, the water temperature is usually 19-20°C, and sometimes do not even exceed 18°C. There is a path around the lake and the walk takes about three hours.


The high-mountain lake Seebensee fills a rock basin and is located at an altitude of 1657 m above sea level. It is fed by numerous streams, and the water flows out of it through the Seebenbach and Geißbach waterfalls and into the Loisach River. Several mountain trails lead to the lake. Seebensee looks best from a height when apart from the surface of the lake, slopes, valleys, and rocky ridges, you can also admire the rocky terraces that in the past were the bottom of the lake. Read the full post about this place: Outdoor paradise – trek to the Seebensee lake in Tirol – practical tips


A walk along the shores of Lake Traualpsee is an unforgettable experience. This water reservoir is located at an altitude of 1631 m above sea level in the Naturschutzgebiet Vilsalpsee nature reserve. It is a natural habitat for many species of alpine plants and animals. Unfortunately, its waters remain cold all year round. Therefore, only the bravest ones on hot summer days decide to swim (shortly) in its cold waters.


Lake Haldensee is located in the Tannheimer Valley at 1124 m above sea level. Its area of the lake is 77 ha, and the maximum depth is 28 m. The reservoir is fed by the Nesselwängler Ache River, and then the water goes into the Berger Ache River. It is a place where you can actively spend your time. It is an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling trips in the area, and also an ideal place to take a break after such hikes or bike trips.


The undeniable beauty of Lake Schwarzsee is greatly influenced by the emerald color of its waters. The view of the surrounding mountains is also amazing. The lake has an area of 16.55 ha and is 7 m deep. There is a beach where you will find paddle boat, rowing boat, or electric boat rental. There is also a campsite, cafe, and ice cream place.


Lake Walchsee is popular among families with children. In addition to the crystal clear water and the beautiful view of the mountain peaks, its attractions are a beach cafe, a playground for children, and two trampolines. The waters of Walchsee offer swimming routes of various difficulty levels. There is also a boat rental. You can get to the lake by public transport.

Badesee Mieming

Lake Badesee Mieming is the perfect place for everyone who appreciates peace and silence. Here you can find many places for lounging and sunbathing right next to the lake. On the lakeside, there is a playground for children with various attractions, a beach volleyball court, two floating islands, Kneipp tanks, and a trampoline. There is a dedicated path for walks around the lake


Lake Berglsteinersee is a charming, quiet, and unspoiled place hidden in the middle of the Voldöppbergs forest. Its shores are overgrown with lush vegetation, above which the rocky peaks of the Alps emerge here and there. You can get to the lake only on foot or by bike. The lake has the cleanest water in the entire region of Tyrol. By the lake, there is a Café Berglsteiner See restaurant.

Tristacher See

Tristacher See is a tiny lake with an area of 5.54 ha and a maximum depth of 7.4 meters. It is picturesquely situated among forests, glades, and rocky ridges. Adults can use the jumping tower, while their children have fun on the playground. Those who enjoy sunbathing will find many great places for it here, and those seeking relaxation can take advantage of the shade of the trees. There are also other attractions, including a beach volleyball court and an open-air cafe with a terrace with a beautiful view of the lake and mountains.


An open space dominates the shores of Lake Thiersee, allowing you to enjoy beautiful and expansive views of the alpine peaks and valleys. There are many meadows where you can sunbathe. It is a place recommended for enthusiasts of swimming and water sports. You can rent a rowing boat or a paddle boat. There is also a jumping tower and a beach volleyball court.


Lake Achensee is also known as a “windy lake” and therefore provides opportunities for fans of sailing, surfing, and paragliding. You can also go diving, rafting, canyoning, or whitewater kayaking. The turquoise color of the water makes us feel like we are on a the Mediterranean or tropical beach. The resorts around Achensee include Maurach, Pertisau, and Achenkirch.

Hike on the Bärenkopf around Lake Achensee is one of the most important attractions of the region: Hike to Bärenkopf around Lake Achensee in Tirol, Austria

The resorts around Achensee are: Maurach, Pertisau and Achenkirch. You can read about what to do in the beautiful Achensee region here: What to do in Achensee to spend an exciting, active weekend? – ideas for #europanaweekend


Lake Haldensee is located in the Tannheimer Valley at 1124 m above sea level. Its area of the lake is 77 ha, and the maximum depth is 28 m. The reservoir is fed by the Nesselwängler Ache River, and then the water goes into the Berger Ache River. It is a place where you can actively spend your time. It is an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling trips in the area, and also an ideal place to take a break after such hikes or bike trips


Lake Hechtsee is located near the village of Kufstein, at the foot of the Thierberg Mountain in the Brandenburg Alps and near the border between Tyrol and Bavaria. It is hidden between dense mountain forests, making it an ideal place to calm down. Apart from swimming in the lake, you can play beach volleyball, water volleyball, and table tennis. The lakes are surrounded by a network of cross-country and Nordic walking trails.


Heiterwangersee lake is the twin lake of Plansee. They are connected by a 300-meter canal. They form the second largest lake in Tyrol. Heiterwangersee has an area of about 1.37 km² and its maximum depth is 61 m. It is a great place for fishing. The water quality in both lakes is excellent and its temperature is ideal for a refreshing swim, especially on a hot summer day.

Badesee Kirchberg

The Badesee Kirchberg in the Kitzbühel Alps is a picturesque lake with a swimming area. Together with the adjacent heated outdoor pool, it has an area of 13,000 m², and the water temperature in summer reaches a tropical temperature of 26°C. The most important attractions include two slides (25 and 50m long), a diving tower, trampolines (1 and 3m in diameter), a playground, a beach volleyball court, and a mini football field. You can also rent a boat.

Badesee Kirchbichl

The Badesee Kirchbichl is located in the Kitzbühel Alps. It is one of the oldest lakes with an open-air swimming area in the Tyrol region. However, it has all the modern amenities you would expect and is surprisingly warm in summer. Among the attractions it offers, there are beach volleyball, tennis and soccer fields, as well as a special area for children and a restaurant.

Lanser See

This charming lake Lanser See attracts tourists with its amazing views. It is located in the Mittelgebirge mountains at an altitude of 840m above sea level. The cloudy nature of the waters is due to the fact that it is fed by groundwater filtered through the moorlands in the northeast. As a result, water is very healthy for the skin. You can rent a paddle board or use numerous sports facilities, as well as numerous attractions for children


The area of Lake Plansee is approximately 2.87 km² and the maximum depth is 78 m. Crystal clear water reflects the Alpine peaks. You can rent a rowing boat or an electric boat on your own or go for a sightseeing cruise on one of the two large cruise ships – MS Margarethe or MS Wilhelm. From mid-May to mid-October, they sail the waters of Plansee and its twin – Lake Heiterwangersee. 


The largest lake in the Ötztal Alps is picturesquely situated among rocky slopes. It is located in Kaunergrat west of the Pitztal and it exactly what we expect from a typical moraine lake. It fills a vast valley, and the water has a greenish color. From the north and west, it is surrounded by the peaks of Kaunergrat, Seekogel, and Rostizkogel. In sunny and warm weather, a significant amount of melted water comes from Seekarles, Loch, and Rifflferner glaciers


Lake Frauensee is located at the eastern foot of the Gehrenspitze in the Tannheimer Mountains at an altitude of 972 m above sea level. In summer, its waters reach an average temperature of 21°C. It is a place where you can relax by the water. It is also a starting point for tourists who go on mountain hiking. Its beauty can be admired from the mountain trails leading over it.

Reintaler See

Reintaler See is one of the warmest lakes in Tyrol. In summer, the water temperature reaches 26°C. There are sunbathing lawns around the lake, including a nudist area, playgrounds for children, a beach volleyball court, a boat rental and a camping site. Lake Reintaler See is very popular among fishermen and has a large trout population. There are many hiking trails with beautiful views in the area of the lake.



The picturesque Lake Pillersee is located in the Pillerseetal Valley in the northern part of the Limestone Alps. It is situated at an altitude of 835 m above sea level, has an area of 24.3 ha and the maximum depth is 7 m. It is fed by several streams from the neighboring Lofer Steinberg mountains and the Kitzbühel Alps. Its outflow is formed by Haselbach and Grieselbach.


Lake Lauchsee has made its home in the Pillerseetal Valley. As in Lanser See, the water in this lake is filtered through natural moors and is famous for its healing properties – it helps with rheumatism, muscle pain, and backache. The view of the mountains, including the Kitzbühel Alps, is as soothing as the water. There are many attractions for adults and children on the shores of the lake. Fishing is permitted on its southern shores, but only on days when it is not available for swimmers

Piburger See

Lake Piburger See, dominated by the impressive Acherkogel mountain, is located in the heart of an alpine forest within the nature reserve. Although it is located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, the water gets warm relatively quickly in summer and reaches even up to 24°C. Its shoreline is overgrown with sedges, reeds, and peat grasses. There are many species of fish in the lake, including trout, arctic char, perch, and common roach.

Natterer See

In the mountains of Mittelgebirge, in the vicinity of the charming village of Natters, there is an equally charming Lake Natterer See. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, meadows, forests, and moors. The water in the lake is very clean and in summer reaching even 25°C. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also go canoeing and windsurfing or use the famous Happy Swing – a huge 66-meter long slide straight into the water.

Reither See

Reither See is located in the Alpbach Valley. Although it is situated in the middle of the village of Reith im Alpbachtal, it still can be called an oasis of peace. It has an area of 1.45 ha, and its maximum depth reaches even up to 8 meters. Apart from the mountain peaks around the lake, the buildings of the village with the beautiful shape of the church make it so picturesque. In summer, the temperature of exceptionally pure water is on average 23°C.

Badesee Ried

Lake Badesee Ried is located between Ried and Prutz in Upper Tyrol. It offers many attractions for visitors of all ages, making it a popular destination for families with children. Along the eastern shore, there are several sunbathing areas and a family-friendly swimming area with a large pirate ship, treehouse, and an eagle’s nest. It is possible to rent a paddle boat.

Badesee Rossau

Badesee Rossau, also known as Baggersee, is an artificial body of water. There is a beautiful view of the Nordkette Mountains from here. Despite its proximity to the city of Innsbruck, it blends perfectly into the landscape. The green surroundings of the lake and great views give it alpine vibes. On the way to the lake, there is a wooden walkway with a floating island in the middle. In the summer months, the water temperature reaches 24°C.


The Stimmersee is another artificial body of water. It stretches between lush green meadows with rocky mountain peaks above them. It was built in 1928–1932 according to a design by Peregrin Stimmer. It has an area of 3.5 ha and is situated at the foot of Pendling Mountain. It is fed by the exceptionally clear waters of two small mountain streams. The water in the lake in summer reaches 21°C. In the area, there are plenty of attractions for people of all ages.



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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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