The most beautiful villa in Tuscany

All right, I know that it’s not only me who fell in love with this place, ‘cause judging by your messages I got every time I showed you new posts on Insta Stories – we have all agreed that this place is gorgeous, climatic and it fully represents what “Tuscany” should mean.

I love to discover such unusual hideouts during my journeys and I think that the private, small boutique hotels and private apartments are way better than huge hotels. On my journeys I usually don’t stay for long at one place, changing them some or sometimes over a dozen of times, rushing somewhere, fulfilling my travel plans… but from time to time I need to stay at one place for a longer while. I need to wake up seeing a beautiful view, eat a fantastic breakfast outdoors and then read a book at a pool, hearing birds singing and trees rustling. So, to describe it shortly with one word: idyllic. My daily life is quite fast and intensive, so once in a while I spoil myself with separation from the outside world and some luxury.

So for my 30th birthday this was supposed to be the Italian villa from my dreams – and it was! I found, I came, and I tested. And with purity in heart, but also with tremendous pleasure, I am proud to present you another exceptional place on the world’s travel map. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Villa di Capovento in the sunny Tuscany! :)

The villa is run by a friendly couple of archeologists (yes, they abandoned excavations for taking care and developing this place) and it’s the family property of the owner. This house was built by his grandfather and he grew up here, living with his parents. I have to admit, childhood among the Tuscan hills with such views must have been really amazing.

Over time, the family started to rent one room, then another one and finally the whole place became so popular that they are booked for the next year. So, if you are considering coming here, you should check the availability in advance. Especially that in such place the tourist season ends in autumn and this break lasts till spring, so you have to plan it really well.

Let’s begin with the fact that the villa is situated in a secluded spot, so you won’t even reach this place without a car. But if you have one, it’s only 20 minutes to get to nearby towns.

It’s an undoubted advantage – peace and quiet, birds singing, cicadas and separation from the world guarantee the ideal rest.

At first, we’ve planned to make it our excursion base and that we will drive around the area during the day but we changed our minds 5 minutes after our arrival, agreeing that we are not moving anywhere. It would be such a waste to miss even a minute of this idyllic atmosphere.

The rooms

There are only 6 rooms for rent in the villa and the whole area is so big that you have the impression that you are all alone there.

We had a room with a tiny balcony, with a view on the garden. It was furnished in typical Tuscan style – wood and warm colors.

All worked out with attention to details and the staff is really amazing. We’ve been greeted with a chilled bottle of Prosecco and a fruit plate, which is, let’s be honest, a perfect start of such a stay.

The garden and the pool

The villa is situated in a marvelous spot – from every side you will see the local hills and in the distance also the other agritouristic farms. Everywhere there are cypress forests. The garden is really big and right in the middle there is a beautiful infinity swimming pool. You probably know it by now but it’s really hard to leave this place if you have such a pool and view on Tuscany.

What is quite interesting, the solar cells stand in the garden and they are the source of energy for the whole villa. It’s fully ecological and it opts for naturalness and using the forces of nature. The owners don’t use chemicals in the garden or in the kitchen, which – in my opinion – is a huge advantage of this place.

The restaurant

Let’s focus on the food for a while, because it really deserves a separate paragraph. The owners run the kitchen and serve the guests all by themselves. In the garden there are only five tables, so when you sit to eat your breakfast you really feel like you were eating in a private restaurant or by your friend’s.

The place is famous for its sensational breakfasts, because the bread and the pastry are baked right there, the yoghurt is homemade, the juices are freshly squeezed and the fruits and the vegetables come from the garden. The buffet is full of local delicious delicacies. Since the very morning the place smells like freshly ground coffee and makes you jump out of bed smelling that gorgeous aroma…

During the day you can order something to drink or for lunch, while in the evening the a la carte dinner is served, the menu changes every day, as it is short and seasonal. It’s full of local goods – game, truffles and homemade olive oil. It’s perfect, even by Italian standards, and beautifully served. Did I mention the attention to details yet? The crockery and the tablecloths are decorated with the symbol of the villa by hand – chairs standing on a hill, with a view on the neighbourhood. Everything is carefully thought-out – design, flowers, crockery, serving food… I haven’t been in such a well-designed and marvellously carefully-tended place.


The owners also try to make the guests busy, if the guests, of course, are in the mood to participate. You can lend bicycles in the villa and ride them to see the area, organize a trip to a vineyard or a tasting of local wines.

In my opinion, the surroundings are simply perfect for morning yoga before breakfast (tested it!) or a quick afternoon training in the garden, looking at the hills (you have to burn these Italian pastas!). But if you decide to go on a bicycle trip in these Tuscan hills, I guarantee you that you can eat a double tiramisu guilt free (these hills are really steep and there a lot of vehicles there!).

So, to quickly sum it up, I’ll just write that I am enchanted with this place and I am sure that if you are looking for luxury combined with quiet, peace and genuine Italian climate, you have to search no more. Now I know why this place is rated 9.7 at, which is really unusual. But spending even a few hours at Villa de Capovento is enough to understand why people love to spent their vacations here and why they return to this most beautiful villa in Tuscany.

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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