You know how much I love an active travelling. If I can spend my time outside with a beautiful view around, I’m in heaven :)

Collecting the moments, emotions and extraordinary experiences is the most important part of travelling for me. After a few months I remember them the most. I prefer to experience five amazing moments than a few weeks of dreariness. That is why, I always seek for spectacular activities. Horse riding with a view like from the photo album is one of the must do on my list.

I’m not the best rider in the world, but I’m good enough to ride in the open terrain. I started horse riding when I was a kid. Then I had a break as a teenager. However, this activity attracts me every time I travel. I had a chance to try it in Australia, Cuba and New Zealand so far. My huge dream is to see Patagonia from the saddle (keep your fingers crossed to make it happen this year!).

However, the most beautiful horse riding I’ve ever tried was in New Zealand. When I see the photos from that time, I can hardly believe that the view was so amazing. The colors and were incredible and looked as if they were painted. Sometimes I wonder why some people improve them in Photoshop even though they are so naturally beautiful.

There are plenty of places for horse riding in New Zealand but I really wanted to try it on the South Island, close to the Mount Cook. It think it’s one the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.

I stayed in the Glentanner camping (Glentanner Park Centre), which is located at the foot of the mountains. Right in front of the camping there is a farm, which organizes the horse trekking in the area.

The huge advantage of New Zealand is that there are no crowds and lines so I had a 3 people horse trip (including the guide), which made it even more awesome.

The route wasn’t very difficult for the intermediate riders. I would say that the horses did the trekking and people just accompanied them J The tempo was low and there was plenty of time to admire the view.

The view from the top

Unfortunately, I was the one who had to close the line. The horses were going in accordance with a specified order. My horse wanted to be the last one. It means that I had to be a photographer. As the last in line, I had the best perspective. To be honest, I’m quite surprised about the quality of these photos. I made them only with one hand, constantly holding the reins.

My horse wasn’t very pleased with my photographic vision and tried to destroy it in every single way by moving like crazy ;) Well, maybe he didn’t find my photo session necessary. All in all, I tried my best to take a few quick shots and I counted that they will be fine.

Stop making all these photos and let’s go!

The view was terrific as well as the experience. It was a great idea to spend a day outdoor so I highly recommend you to try it. The cost for a few hours of trekking was around 85 USD per person.

I would like to show you that there are many options to be active while traveling. It does not always mean that you need to go running or for a gym. There are plenty of other fun activities you can try.

When you want to look like a cowboy, but then you see the pic where you look like a police officer from New York :)))


Have you ever tried horse riding in New Zealand? Where?