What to do in Warsaw during summer?

My beloved Warsaw… There are many different opinions about it. Some people love it, some hate it. But home is home and I cannot change it. I was born there, I grew up there and each time I come back there after a long time, my heart is touched. I’m proud of this city, its history and dynamics. It has been developing and evolving in front of my eyes during recent years and now it’s equal to European capitals. I love being here in the summer. There’s so much going on and you can really enjoy your time here. That’s why I’ve prepared for you a list of my favorite Warsaw activities. I’m sure you will find something just perfect for you!

If you have any doubts – let me know in the comments! I’d be happy to guide you through my city <3

1. Yoga on the grass

Nothing’s better than starting your day from morning yoga. And if it’s among green trees and grass, it’s pure fantasy! Every Saturday from 9:15 to 11:00 you can do yoga in Royal Łazienki. Classes take place in the Great Hall of the Great Annexegarden. The program is appropriate even for yoga rookies. You will learn some basic stretching exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayamas) and meditation equipping you with energy for the rest of the day. You can also try yoga in Prochownia Żoliborz.

2. Breakfast market

There are very few things as good as breakfast on the grass in a beautiful day. In Warsaw we have several breakfast markets tempting us with their goods since the early morning. The best feature is their location. Little bars and stands are placed in picturesque parks and city squares, so relax among city greenery is guaranteed. At fares, you can taste many local Polish dishes, as well as cuisine from all around the world. Whatever you like :) Take a blanket with you (or rent it on the spot!) and a book and read it after the breakfast, hiding under the shadow of a tree. The perfect beginning of the day! Markets are organized during weekends: on Saturdays in Żoliborz, Powiśle and Skaryszewski Park, on Sundays in Mokotów. Click HERE for more details.

3. Outdoor gym

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t recommend you an outdoor gym. For every fit freak determined not to skip a training and enjoy the summer at the same time, this is a golden mean. There are more and more such gyms in Warsaw and they’re quite well-equipped, so you will be able to sweat a bit and get tanned under the summer sun.

4. Ropes park

It’s for all those who enjoy challenges and high altitude. Trails have different difficulty level for every kind of participant. It’s cool and original way to spend some time outdoors and…above the ground.

The cost for adults ranges from PLN30 to 50, depending on the trail. Check out the details HERE.

5. Warsaw zoo

I have an exceptional sentiment to it, it was the place my grandma took me when I was a little girl. I remember donating some of my pocket money to monkeys care so that I felt responsible for their livesJ I love Warsaw Zoo for its stunning location at the Wisła bank and an abundance of greenery. A stroll through its paths, in the shadow of the trees is undeniable pleasure and allows to take a breath from the heat. Moreover, for a city slickers even the slightest contact with fauna world is unique.

Adult ticket price: PLN26. More details HERE.

6. Beach volleyball

Team sports on the fresh air are always a great idea for spending time with friends. In Warsaw, there are a few nice locations to play volleyball. In some of them you can even rent the equipment and a court for free! For instance in La Playa at Vistula bank and on Pola Mokotowskie, but there you need to have your own ball.

7. A stroll through vistulan boulevards

One of the most popular places in summer Warsaw. Stretching along Wisła bank, Bulwary Wiślane are an ideal place for walks, sunbathing on one of the beach chairs or relaxing in cafes and bars just by the river. In older part of Boulevards, there is a plentitude of food trucks with delicious food from all over the world. Newly-opened New Boulevards also have their own special atmosphere. You will find there elegant, glass buildings and street art exhibitions. In the evening, Boulevards becomes one of the main party zones in Warsaw, bars and restaurants are playing music, thousands of people are sitting on the stairs by Wisła and chilling with friends. You can feel the city vibes there like anywhere else.

8. Outdoor swimming pools

If you’re not planning going at the lake or seaside, it is quite nice alternative to spend time at city swimming pool. In Warsaw there are numerous places where you can feel vacation vibes on fresh air. Why don’t you try swimming pools in the Palace of Culture in Powsin, by Wał Mieszczański 345 (Kora Swimming Pools), in Szczęśliwiecki Park, at Inflancka Street in Śródmieście or at Moczydło in Wola. Tickets are about PLN10 for entrance.

9. Vistula cruise

If you have a day to spare, ‘Zefir’ cruise all the way to Serock is unconventional idea to spend it. ‘Zefir’ cruise  leaves at 9:30 from harbour at Żerański Channel, near 02 Cementownia stop. At 12:30 it reaches Serock and at 2:30p.m. it sails back to Warsaw. The cruise ends around 6:00p.m. On the ship there is a grill and refreshment bar with cold and hot beverages. Such pleasure costs PLN36 for a normal ticket and PLN18 for half ticket. It’s amazing to see the city from different perspective! Check out HERE for more details.

10. Classical music concert

The best Chopin concerts are at the foot of the Monument to Chopin in Royal Łazienki. They take place every Sunday until the end of September, at 12:00 and 4:00p.m. Imagine yourself among the green trees and birds singing, in the company of hundreds of people speechless, listening to the music created by the master and played now by the most famous piano virtuosos… You can really zone out. I worship this initiative, this place, feelings it evokes in you and the bond you feel with other listeners. People of every age come there and, despite all the differences between them, they’re united by the beauty of the music created by one of the best-known Polish composers. If you’d like to feel the vibes of our country – in my opinion this is one of the most beautiful, patriotic ways. And when it comes to tourists, it’s one of the greatest ways to learn about our culture and heritage. More details HERE.

11. A walk in warsaw university gardens

Warsaw University Botanic Garden is an absolutely breathtaking place. Walking in this fairytale garden looking like literally taken out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, right in the city center and, above all that, located on the roof, is an exciting idea to get away from the traffic noise and read a book instead.

The garden is opened from March to October and throughout the season it offers different events for botany aficionados, e.g. Cactus Day, Rose Festival or Orchid Display. More information and exact dates are at WU Botanic Garden website.

12. Chill on the city beach

What I love about Warsaw is the chance to enjoy the beach in the middle of the city. For all those unable to leave the city for vacation, it’s the place to relax. I like how fast you can change the perspective and distance yourself from the city. One second you’re walking down the crowded streets, the next you’re sitting on the beach, admiring the stunning city landscape.

The most popular Warsaw beaches are Poniatówka, Saska and La Playa. All of them guarantee a spectacular sunset over the Old Town.

When it comes to the opposite Vistula bank, it offers you iconic clubs and tens of sidewalk cafes. During the day, it’s just perfect for getting some tan while drinking ice coffee. In the evenings, it’s one of the largest party spots in the city, where you can dance under the sky until the sun rises. Make sure to visit Pomost 51, Hocki Klocki, Rejs or Cud nad Wisłą. I love them!

13. Praski half-marathon

How about a sport challenge to mark the end of vacation? Last Saturday of August on the right Wisła bank a marathon is organized. I prefer to sightsee new places while running and the marathon route allows you to feast your eyes with beautiful city streets. For less advanced there’s also a 5-km run (Praska Five). It starts on September, 2nd, at 8:30 p.m. You can register HERE.

14. Bike tour

Warsaw has a dense network of bike rental stations – Veturilo. Renting stations are spread throughout the city so you will find them pretty quickly. In order to rent a bike, you should register HERE.

If you’re tired of the city, I suggest cycling to Kabacki Forest, Wilanów and Konstancin or just along Vistula bank (right bank has picturesque, green bike path). When it comes to me, I like to cycle around the city – it’s a convenient way to get from one place to another and as a bonus I get to marvel at the city beauty.

15. Kayaking

Kayaking is getting more and more popular in Warsaw. If the weather is good, it’s really pleasurable way of sightseeing the city stretched along both banks of Wisła. Especially since the right bank is abundant in greenery and you can encounter many bird species there. All of this – and you’re still in the city center. Kayaks are available for rent in three places: on the left side of Warsaw by 511 bridge (near Czerniakowski Port estuary), on the right side of Warsaw by 512 bridge (near Poniatowski Bridge), and by 514 bridge on Rusałka beach near Aquatica harbor. If you prefer to begin with a smaller distance, a lovely lake in Kępa Potocka park is for you. I adore this place!

16. Summer barbecue

Sometimes you don’t have to drive far away from the city so as to have a summer barbecue. In Warsaw, there are many places where you can do it, which isn’t so obvious in different countries. In several Warsaw parks you can grill freely, of course within the safety limits. My favorite grill spots are Pola Mokotowskie, Skaryszewski Park, Poniatówka Beach near to Poniatowski Bridge and Saska Beach. If you feel like bonfiring, you can go to Kabacki Forest.

17. Outdoor cinema

For all cinema and warm evenings aficionados, it’s a tailor-made idea. Within the Summer Film Capital Program, there are movies played in different parts of Warsaw. Ranging from the latest blockbusters to independent productions, the movies are waiting for you to see them. My favorite evening showing spot is Skaryszewski Park and Prochownia Żoliborz. They are soooo atmospheric!

18. Multimedia fountain park

If you’d like to finish the day in a spectacular way, make sure to drop in for Multimedia Fountain Park show. The Park consists of four fountains and it’s located at 1 Dywizji Pancernej WP Square, between Boleść, Wybrzeże Gdańskie, Sanguszki and Rybaki streets in the New City part of Warsaw. Shows take place since May until September, every Friday and Saturday, at 9:30 p.m. (in September it’s 9:00 p.m.). Shows include a 30-minute ‘water-light-sound’ feast for eyes, accompanied by LED spotlights and lasers. And they’re for free! It’s obligatory city attraction for nigh life fans.

In addition, it’s close to the Vistulan Boulevards and the Old Town.

19. Salsa at la playa

Salsa is my big love, so I have no other choice than to recommend you summer La Playa vibes. Every Sunday from 5:00p.m. a legendary Cuban party starts – Fiesta en la Playa. Wooden dance floor right on the sand, sun setting above Wisła and breathtaking view at Warsaw – all of it creates absolutely unique atmosphere of Latino beats. What are you waiting for? Drop in, even if you’re not a dancer type, you can just listen to the music and enjoy the city view.

La Playa is located at 1/5 Wybrzeże Helskie Street.

20. Drink with a city view

You like to chill, having a city in front of your eyes, with its lighted skyscrapers and night life flowing through the streets? The perfect ending of the day is a drink at one of roof bars. The View on the top of Spektrum Tower and Level 27 on Millenium Plaza are both bars and clubs. If you are keen on admiring the city while slowly sipping the cocktail, go there during the sunset. Late in the evening parties get started there. Although the view may be spectacular, it’ll be hard to focus having people dancing around you. Unless you’d like to join them – then you’ll be on cloud nine :)

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