Things about Japan that might surprise you

Lines. Always and everywhere

Japanese always create the lines. Everywhere you go, you will find a line waiting for something. Are you waiting for a subway on an empty platform? It doesn’t matter. You should stay in a right place and don’t you dare to wait in other spot.


Stairs with the arrows

Just in case if you forget which side you should use to go on stairs in a correct way. I have never seen any rebel Japanese who went down on the stairs where the arrows showed to go up. Rule is the rule and no discussion. schody-zapomniane-ipgkx5n3

Ticket machine in a subway

Let’s be honest. If you don’t know Japanese, there is no possibility in this world to know which button you should press. There is no English version and the menu isn’t intuitive. First time in subway is tricky. Oh wait – the second, and the third and…every time is tricky in Japanese subway!zapomniane3-ipgkztyn

Make up fixing. Everywhere.

If you have ever thought that women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, then you should see it in Japanese style. Doing a full make up in the subway, at the train station or anywhere else is common. The size of the mirrors they have in their bags is not. They are huge ;)zapomniane-4-ipgl1zuf

Green tea ice creams, cookies, chocolate

If you think that a green tea is only for drinking, then you need to go to Japan. A green tea flavor is very popular in all kinds of desserts. If you can imagine any dessert, you will find it with green filling as well. Green ice cream, green tea pudding, green tea cake? Whatever you can think about, it’s in Japan.zapomniane-5-ipgl419b

Smartphones in subway

No further comments needed for that one. Are you going to take a subway? Don’t forget to take your smartphone. Otherwise you will look weird just sitting there. IMG_1256-ipfedbwr

Models of food and drinks in the restaurants

In case you don’t know what to order in a restaurant, you can always show it on the life-size food model. There is a model for everything, even for the black tea, in case you forget how does it look like. Japanese are well prepared.

How about plastic coffee latte?
How about plastic coffee latte?

Laundry machine

Laundry time? Good luck with that. It’s impossible to understand a word. Better buy a double pair of everything ;)

Houston we have a problem!
Houston we have a problem!

Black cables everywhere

If you’re dreaming about the blue sky from the postcards of Japan – forget about it. Right above your head you can find a thousands of cables and it’s a standard in Japan. You won’t be able to see much more than that.IMG_0961-ipfedjo1-1

Bills without the numbers

Do you want to know how much should you pay for a dinner? Well, don’t be so curious J Be prepared for the bills without the numbers. It’s not so rare to get a bill like this.IMG_1108-ipfedl9h

Trains for women only

It might be surprising that in such a modern country there is a division for the cabins for women and men, but in Japan it is a norm. Pay attention where you go, and of course, don’t forget to wait in an appropriate spot!

Boarding Point for Women Only
Boarding Point for Women Only

Small kids alone in the subway

I have never seen so small kids coming back from school alone. They might be 4 years old, but still there is nobody to take care of them. Japan is very safe, but still, you feel weird seeing small kids around.IMG_4188-ipfedfas

Food like from a fairy tail

You can’t be bored in Japan, especially with the food. If you don’t feel like eating a regular meal, you can always find something crazy and colorful, like a Hello Kitty sushi. Even if your day isn’t good, at least your meals will be fun.IMG_4239-ipfedh5f

Hilarious roadwork equipment

Why should one produce gray, sad and very professional construction equipment, when it can be a pink bunny helping with road works? If you can have a pink bunny, then always take a pink bunny. Even though you are 30 years old professional construction worker. IMG_1151-ipfedar4

Thinking about the details. Always.

Japanese really care about the details and are very predictable. You can expect any useful and convenient help in the weirdest places. For instance, a small hook for the umbrella next to the urinal. You don’t want to put it right on the floor, do you? Japanese will resolve your every problem.IMG_1557-ipfede93

Do you have other observations about Japan?

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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