6 reasons why you should stay in JW Mariott Panama

One of the must-do experiences in Panama City (see 26 must do experiences in Panama City) is to spend at least one night in one of the luxury hotels – skyscrapers that guarantee an amazing view of the city. Panama City is a special place because it combines Latin vibrations, history and artistry but also the modern side of the 21st century city. I have to admit that the number of skyscrapers by the water is very impressive. In my opinion, Miami or Hong Kong is much less spectacular than the Panama capital in Central America.

So do not hesitate even for a moment because experiencing this luxury will be remembered for a long time. There are plenty of hotels in Panama City but it’s worth to choose something exceptional that will guarantee an amazing experience. I found the one and had the pleasure to spend a few nights in it while exploring Panama City. Staying in JW Mariott Panama was my icing on the cake during city gateway. Let me explain you why this hotel is worth considering during your trip to Panama:

1. The only seaside hotel in Panama City

There are many 5 star hotels in Panama City, but only JW Mariott Panama is located in the first line by the water. There are plenty of rooms with a direct view not only of the city in the background but also of the endless Panama Bay. And let me tell you one thing: the view from my room was simply spectacular. Every morning I started my day with coffee on the terrace overlooking the city that was waking up and the surface of the water shimmering in the sun. Really beautiful mornings.

2. An insane infinity pool

Crème de la crème! Could there be a better start of the day than jumping into an infinity pool at dawn while having the view of the whole Panama City? I can guarantee you that you will have a swimming pool only for yourself at sunrise because most people don’t want to get up at this time. I’ve seen many hotel rooftop pools but this one was special. There are no barriers or walls in the pool itself so you get the impression that the water blends into the sky and you swim in the clouds. Sounds poetic? Just have a look at these photos and you will understand. This experience was simply fabulous and I include it as one of my favorite moments in my entire trip around Panama.

3. Healthy and diverse breakfasts

This is not so obvious. I’ve stayed in many hotels and even the most luxurious sometimes didn’t meet my standards. JW Mariott Panama stood up to the challenge and took into account the trends of healthy eating, offering a really extensive breakfast buffet. There was a special corner with tropical fruits, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and fit desserts. What is more, the chef was preparing my favorite omelet made only with eggs whites, vegetables and smoked salmon in front of my eyes. Definitely I give a huge plus for the quality of food as well as an excellent service.

4. Amazing view from the room at any time of the day or night

A bathtub in the middle of the room? A morning press review with a view? Or maybe breakfast in bed? Yes, yes and again yes for all those moments that can be pampered in the everyday rush of life. The rooms at JW Mariott Panama are huge and have large windows, each with a fantastic view of the city. It looks great during the day, so I recommend you to order breakfast to your room. However, at night it’s really a cinematic experience. It is a pity to fall asleep to not to lose sight of this view.

5. Great, professional gym

Travel and Keep Fit is a real thing for me. I believe that sport and physical activity are very important. Therefore, I train regardless of the place I am. With my lifestyle and being constantly on the road, if I would be finding excuses, I wouldn’t have trained at all. Therefore, wherever I can, I choose hotels with a gym. It gives me the opportunity to keep up with my training routine. Unfortunately, hotel gyms are rarely well equipped. This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised. The gym at JW Mariott Panama is huge, modern and boasts with a variety of equipment (whoever carries weights knows how to appreciate a full set of dumbbells). This is one of the best hotel gyms I’ve had the opportunity to train. I was motivated right away!

6. Rooftop bar for perfect sunsets

How about celebrating another beautiful day with a perfect sunset and a cocktail based on Panamanian rum? Sounds good? And that’s how it is. The rooftop bar at JW Mariott Panama Casino is small, but the view is overwhelming. It is on the west side, so a view of the colorful sky is guaranteed. Wear something nice and seize the moment. Another option is to have a drink served in the fresh coconut or pineapple right by the pool. You can’t get bored with this view. And is there any better way to end the day than an elegant evening in the clouds?

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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Welcome on my blog about traveling, active lifestyle and chasing all the crazy dreams. I have been on 6 continents and in more than 100 countries so far, but I still have so much to explore :)

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