Did you like my blog Travel and Keep Fit and you think about working together? You’re in a right place!

I’m open for various forms of collaboration. It will be my pleasure to share my knowledge about travelling and active lifestyle.

If you already have an idea about working with me, feel free to contact me – I would love to hear about it :) In the meantime, here is what I offer:

  • Sponsored articles
  • Trips
  • Meetings with the audience
  • Sporty travelling
  • Product testing

I love to write so it will be a pleasure to write for you an article about travels, interesting places around the world or cross-cultural psychology. I know how to do it to attract the readers. I’ve written articles among others for Coaching Magazine or Gazeta Wyborcza (check at PRESS).

This is what I like the most and I like to share my experiences with my readers. That is why I would love to visit the region you promote, your hotel or restaurant. I can also take part in tourist activities that you organize. I will share my impressions on the blog and through social media. Please remember that I’m not writing about activates that I haven’t tried. Before I recommend something, I need to give it a try.

For a few years I’ve been working as a trainer and I ‘ve been teaching social and cross-cultural psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Direct contact with people and sharing with them my knowledge and motivation is what I love. If you want me to take part in a conference, talk about my experiences, cross-cultural psychology or show my travel photos – I will say YES!

Active lifestyle and trying new activities on my trips are the areas that I’m focused on my blog. I like to motivate my readers to be healthy and active even when they travel. If you have a product that is related to an active lifestyle (clothes, equipment) or you would like me to try a new sport challenge somewhere in the world and then show it to my readers – I’m open for it!

I like to try new things, so I would love to test your product that is related to travelling, active lifestyle or technology. If I like it, it would be my pleasure to recommend it to my readers through my blog and social media.

I’m open for the new projects and interesting initiatives. Everything that may have a value and be interesting for my readers.

If you have any idea about working with me, let me know on:

Maybe you have a product or service that is related to travelling or active lifestyle, but you don’t know how our collaboration may look like?

Write me and we will figure it out together!

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