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Birthday outfit straight from Florence

Birthday Girl!

I would like to thank you for all the beautiful and warm messages you have sent me for the last two days. I got so much wonderful energy from you that I think it would be really hard to stop me now! :)

30th birthday is a great time for me and I wouldn’t like to be any younger! I feel that it is as it should be, I know what my goals are and where I would like to be in the future.

Someone who is very close to me wished me yesterday.


  1. WANT – to constantly develop, fight for myself and my dreams, keep pushing forward
  2. CAN – be creative, discover and be delighted with life
  3. HAVE – strength, health and energy, to never give up, not to stuck in one place and don’t be satisfied with mediocrity
  4. BE – here and now, whoever you want, proud of yourself

This is the birthday of my dreams, because I managed to celebrate it in a place close to my heart and full of memories. My Florence. This is where I’ve studied 7 years ago and it was a time that strongly shaped my perseverance, self-confidence and the feeling that I’m able to face many challenges. It took me seven years to return to this city, but it worked like a time capsule. I moved in time reminding myself of the long way I had gone, realizing that I had been working for success and fulfillment for many, many years and praising the place I managed to reach.

Let me share with you my birthday Italian photos straight from magical Florence. I hope you will like them as much as I do❤

Ciao Tutti! 💋

Dress – H&m

Bag – ZARA

Shoes – River Island

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