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Wynwood – the most colorful district in Miami

Miami is called the city of artists. Although it is often associated with the background for music videos, fast cars and nightclubs (which is also true), it also has a less commercial and alternative side.

And that’s because of the eclectic Wynwood district in the city center. It is famous for its huge murals, but it is also home to many art galleries, shops with handmade products and antiques, bars and restaurants with unusual decor. In short words, it’s one of the largest outdoor art installations in the world. Definitely worth strolling and getting some inspiration from the unique street art.

In the mid-nineties Wynwood was an enclave for Caribbean immigrants. After a decade of economic exodus and depression, in the early 1920s, developers and real estate owners transformed neglected warehouses, abandoned factories and other unused buildings into innovative businesses that exist there until today.

However, it was street art that helped revitalize Wynwood. Since the introduction of the Second Saturday Art Walk and the arrival of Art Basel in 2002, the influence and importance of Wynwood’s artistic community has become undeniable. Artists from around the world sought inspiration on the facades of buildings and used them as canvases to showcase their work, creating remarkable murals that decorate the neighborhood and attract crowds.

Today Wynwood is recognized worldwide as the best place for art, fashion, innovation and creative business. It is one of the largest and most famous creative communities in the United States.

Make yourself a cup of coffee because today I’m taking you down the Wynwood streets. It will be colorful, fabulous and very inspirational.

Miami Design District – can you see me? :)
Wherever you look …
Rainbow World
Street cafe
Any ideas what’s that? ;)
Shops and galleries
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My favorite -beautiful!
Smile just for me :)

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