Where to meet kangaroos in Australia?

Being in Australia without meeting any kangaroo, it’s like you don’t see and know a thing about this country. Ok, I exaggerate a bit, but for sure all wildlife lovers (like me) don’t want to miss an opportunity to meet with this special animal.

Kangaroos are epic for Australia, but in reality, it’s not so easy to find them in nature. You have to know the places where they live.

Here are my favorite places where you can play with kangaroos in their natural environment.
Here are my favorite places where you can play with kangaroos in their natural environment.
  • Merry Beach, NSW

The best of all. It’s almost guaranteed that kangaroos will be there every afternoon, at the morning and during the night. There are dozens of kangaroos around the camping (Merry Beach Caravan Resort). Starting from the baby kangaroos to the quite huge males. They are very familiar with people and it’s possible to come close to them and cuddle a little. The extra bonus is that this camping is beautifully placed right on beach. Sleeping there with the sounds of the waves it’s priceless. Merry Beach camping is one of my favorite places in Australia. It has everything you need to spend a fantastic weekend. You have a nature, sea and wildlife in the same time. Simply great.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Morisset Hospital

This place was tricky to find. I’ve spent some time on different forums to find a nice spot to show kangaroos to my friends from Europe. The place wasn’t very obvious, because the area where kangaroos were living belonged to the hospital. It had a huge garden and forest where you can meet kangaroos. However, you need to be there before 7pm, until the gate is being closed. After the main gate, just drive straight ahead and you will meet plenty of kangaroos jumping around the main road. The best time to go there is late afternoon because it’s their time to seek for food.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Kangaroo Valley

There are two places to see kangaroos in Kangaroo Valley. A Bendeela Recreation Area and the Man from Kangaroo Valley horse farm. You can see a variety of wild animals around both of them. It’s more possible to see kangaroos an early morning. Beyond that, if you are lucky you will see wombats, which are adorable. I know from my Australian friends, that seeing a wombat in nature it’s not a common thing for an average Aussie. That’s why you will have stories to share J

If you like to ride a horse, you can try a really nice horse trekking organized by the horse farm. When you arrive there, you will have an opportunity to see kangaroos almost everywhere! They jump around on the fields, so you will have a nice combo – a horse riding and kangaroos’ show. It’s a very Aussie experience.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Do you know other places in Australia where it’s possible to meet kangaroos in nature?


  1. You can feed and pet kangaroos in Sydney at the Featherdale Wildlife Park! You can also pet koalas 🐨
    I recommend either going with a tour group or getting to the park very early in the morning (I believe they opened at 7 or 8AM).. otherwise the park gets too crowded and it’s hard to enjoy your time with the animals. 😍

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