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Time for Orient Express

I've kept my mouth shut for the last few weeks, but finally I can share this information with you! In a week time I am going on a journey through India with Orient Express style train! It will be a unique trip for at least several reasons. I have been invited by the Ministry of Tourism of India and Incredible India. I will be their special guest, what is really a fantastic feeling ☺ I was selected together with 60
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Top 12 pics of 2017

The tradition has been fulfilled, that is another year and another photo summary. How difficult it was for me to choose only 12 photos! In the last year I've made thousands of them and each one is unique for me, each one has a different story, smile or faster heartbeat behind. All of these moments were amazing - landscapes, animals, a lot of travel and keep fit in new places, but above all, great memories for the next years :)
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17 best moments of 2017

Do you like to sum up your goals? I love this moment when I can sit with a notebook and a cup of coffee and remind myslelf the whole year. This time I prepared a summary of 2017, which is a little different, because it gathers 17 of my favorite, most significant or breakthrough moments: 1. A dream trip to South America This year, I managed to realize probably the most anticipated journey in my life - South America. I
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Fit Tips

Fit gadgets which I always carry during my trips

Training while travelling requires some flexibility. You don’t always have an access to the gym, sometimes there are also no conditions for running. And if you don’t want to give up your sport routine, luckily there are many ways to move. I never complain that it’s difficult to find time and place to exercise while being on the road. I think quite the opposite - I like to try new activities, trainings and ways to maintain my form. Thanks to
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Fit TipsReflections

How to keep FIT and don’t get crazy?

I wrote you many times that I care about being active and make healthy choices everyday. In my reality I consider myself as a FIT person. The question is, do we all have the same definition of being fit? Probably many people think that I’m not fit, because I haven’t run a few marathons, my muscles are too small or I'm not strong enough. In the same time others think that I'm just too muscled, I'm obsessed with healthy food
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My styleUSA

Wynwood – the most colorful district in Miami

Miami is called the city of artists. Although it is often associated with the background for music videos, fast cars and nightclubs (which is also true), it also has a less commercial and alternative side. And that's because of the eclectic Wynwood district in the city center. It is famous for its huge murals, but it is also home to many art galleries, shops with handmade products and antiques, bars and restaurants with unusual decor. In short words, it’s one
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