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Crete off the season – why is it worth visiting and what can you do?

Think about it - how many times have you decided to visit a popular tourists spots in absolutely not popular periods? It seems that I, recently, visit the so-called summer destinations in different part of year. Let’s take autumn as an example. In this year the autumn is very favorable and you might think that it lasts for so long already, prolonging the possibilities for sunny trips for at least few weeks. And the Southern Europe is perfect for this.
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How to travel in style?

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What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language. - Miuccia Prada Travelling does not differ that much from normal life, we also interact with each other, we meet new people and are a part of a specific society. It is during travel when we represent not only ourselves but also the culture and the country we come from. Therefore it is important to give of
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Travel Tips

How I earned 600 euro on not being allowed to board the plane

The year is 2013. I am going to my first international academic conference to present the results of my social psychology research. I am excited but also nervous, because my speech is going to be one of the first ones in a multi-day conference. Because of that I book a flight, which shall arrive one day before the event, so that I have a full day to have a good sleep and get ready in peace. It is really important
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The Danube Delta – the natural wonder of Romania

Sometimes we keep chasing after places that everyone recommends or that have awesome marketing and are often shown in media but in the same time we overlook beautiful places that are so close, at our fingertips - no need to fly across the whole world to see the beauty and the wildness of nature. We are lucky, because in Europe, almost literally a stone throw away, we have such a place. The Danube Delta in Romania. Admit it, who never
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The most beautiful pics that will make you fall in love with Switzerland

This is my last post from Switzerland, but probably the most spectacular one. What can be better inspiration than amazing pictures? Switzerland is magical and it was a pleasure to photograph its beauty. Have a look on the most inspiring photos I made during my short trip. Let me know if you like them! :) PS You always ask me what equipment do I use while my travels, so here are they:  Olympus camera OM-D E-M1 Mark II  and drone DJI  Mavic
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Plaine Morte Glacier trekking and my mountain “must haves”

Switzerland is a perfect place for those who love adventures and mountainous challenges. And Crans-Montana region, so where I am today, is famous of its beautiful tracks. I’ve done a few tracks already, even one that was going straight above an abyss without any railing (you can read about this HERE)! I’ve kept Plaine Morte glacier for dessert - it is 3000 meters high (above the sea level) and is one of the biggest in the country. I think that visiting
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