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Travel TipsSwitzerland

Plaine Morte Glacier trekking and my mountain “must haves”

Switzerland is a perfect place for those who love adventures and mountainous challenges. And Crans-Montana region, so where I am today, is famous of its beautiful tracks. I’ve done a few tracks already, even one that was going straight above an abyss without any railing (you can read about this HERE)! I’ve kept Plaine Morte glacier for dessert - it is 3000 meters high (above the sea level) and is one of the biggest in the country. I think that visiting
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Crans-Montana – the Swiss land of four-thousanders and glaciers

The alarm clock rings relentlessly at 4 AM... It’s dark in the room, I can’t even see my own hands and the first thought that comes through my mind is “why... oh, God, why... I must have gone completely insane that I wake up so freaking early...”. I drag myself out of bed, leaving the white eiderdown, the kind you can see only in mountain cottages. It definitely add the climate to the room. I open the balcony window wide
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13 top photos from Tuscany, that inspire you to travel + drone video

You don’t have to introduce Tuscany to anyone, but maybe, accidentally there is someone who hesitates, and is not sure whether visit or not. So for everyone - those who are already in love with Tuscany and those who don’t know about it yet - I throw 13 amazing photos from Italy. And at the end of this post there is also a drone video waiting for you! Enjoy! I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII.
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Fit RecipesMarocco

Oriental picnic and recipe inspired by Moroccan cousine

Fit Bakoma-34
Do you know what I like most in travels? The fact they inspire, of course! And they do, in every possible field and area. They inspire to learn, to get to know new things, explore new styles, ways of spending free time and flavors. Travels open you to novelties and shape your taste. The most frequent inspirations I get from the places I visit are those connected with cuisines and manners of eating meals. Because food is not only what
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Fit TipsPopular

8 Essential Strategies for Hot Weather Running

We all know that running in hot weather isn’t the most pleasurable thing to do. Running in high temperature and humidity can put you at risk for dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. Probably the best idea would be not to run, when summer is on top. However, what about the situation that you travel to the hot countries and you still want to keep fit and hold your training routine? If you keep in mind these few tips,
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15 things to experience while in Tuscany

For me, Tuscany is mainly about catching the moments, experiences and little pleasures. Italy has a remarkable climate but to understand it truly you just have to try few things typical to Italians, if you want to feel what they do just for a brief moment. Here you go - below there is my subjective list of Italian pleasures, which in my opinion you simply have to experience while in Tuscany. 1. Wandering the towns aimlessly The Italian towns, both
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