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Mediterranean vibrations

In Poland summer is still fighting, but I have the impression that it slowly loses this fight with the autumn coming very fast .

But not here in Greece. South Europe is experiencing its apogee in August. The heat is poured out of the sky, the cypresses smell even more intense. The relief can be found only by immersing in the intense blue Mediterranean Sea, or sipping iced coffee in one of the street taverns.

I associate summer in Europe  with the warm sea breeze, the small towns on the hills, the straw hat and the feminine dresses.

My summer was like this and I feel that I charge my batteries for another year. Now I will be able to put on my trekking shoes again and look for the next travel challenges.

Meanwhile, I send you some Mediterranean sunshine.


dress – H&M

shoes – H&M

hat – H&M

sunglasses – H&M



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