The most beautiful beaches of Lefkada

Lefkada is famous for its fantastic beaches and crystal clear water. Sometimes, when I was looking at its color, I had the impression that I am at the Caribbean or the Maldives – places fabled for intense turquoise. As you can see, there’s no need for searching the perfect colors at the back of the beyond because Greece offers equally beautiful views.

Lefkada’s beaches are diverse. They range from gravel ones, hidden behind the rocks, to sandy and wide. I’m sure everybody can find there the perfect spot. I was able to visit those in the south and south-west part of the island since there is majority of them. Below, I give you a glimpse at beaches that are, to my mind, really worth visiting:



It’s definitely the best known Lefkada’s beach. There’s a reason for that because it impresses with its location – it’s surrounded by a high cliff. From the bird’s view it is similar to the famous shipwreck bay in Zakynthos. The beach is situated in the south-west part of the island. It’s gravel, so you better have water shoes on you. During the season it’s crowded (which is a feature of top travel destinations) and it will be difficult to find a parking spot (it’s by the beach and €3 a day). During the day a ship with tourists comes here so it becomes crowded. That’s why I suggest visiting it before 11:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m. – it’s less crowded and you have all the necessary space to admire stunning views.

The place is also famous for its picturesque footbridge hung between the cliffs, allowing for a breathtaking top view. It hung because in 2015 it collapsed and hasn’t been repaired. I regret it so much, the view must have been terrific!



Egremni is also located on the western coast of Lefkada. It’s beautiful, long (2km) sandy-stony beach. It’s considered one of the most unique beaches of the Mediterranean. It’s because of almost unreal contrast of bright sand and turquoise water. In order to reach it, you need to go about 350 steps down the steep cliff. The benefit is that going down and up it makes a perfect daily legs and buttocks workout :) Parking lot starts behind the barrier, if you find the spot in front of it – it’s free. Remember to be supplied with water and food if you’re staying longer. Running for a bottle of water up the steps is quite a challenge :)



For me, it’s a wild beach just like I’ve seen in movies about tropical survivors. I was there early in the morning, so the only visitors were literally “survivors” spending the night there in their tents. I was looking at them from the above and it really looked like Tom Hanks “Cast Away” movie scene.

Avali is also situated in the western part of the island and the way there is exceptionally spiral. However, from time to time there are signs confirming that you’re going in the right direction. The beach is sandy and water is intensively turquoise. There is one bar on the beach but it was closed when I was there (too early or too late?).



It’s absolutely my number one. The name Megali Petra (fwhich means “large rock”) comes from large rocks scattered along the coastline. It’s 15km to the west from Chora and close to Kalamitsi. The road is spiral and you need to wheel and deal a little if you’d like to park there. It’s very narrow and there’s little room for cars. Then you need to go a wild path and fight your way through the bushes but I promise it’s worth it. The place is stunning. The beach is surrounded by a green cliff, virgin and perfect for nature lovers. Water is transparent and you can jump into it from the rocks. There aren’t any shops or restaurants, so remember to take some water and food with you.



A tiny beach, what makes it climatic and cozy. Very little people come there so you can enjoy the peace. At the weekends there can be more people because it’s known by locals. It has characteristic rocks along the coastline, which makes it look unique. Water flowing between the rocks is beautiful and crystal clear. Next to the beach there’s a small snack bar.



That’s the beach you’ve got to earn :) You need to walk there for about 20 minutes through the forest and then go down a steep stairs. So don’t take with you cartloads of things because you’ll have to carry them on your back (however, there’s no infrastructure so take water and snacks). One sure thing is that it’s truly worth seeing. Emerald water surrounded from both sides by cliffs – it’s a paradise view. The beach itself is wide and covered in fine gravel pleasantly tickling your feet.

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  1. Paradise found. Simply Majestic! You took gorgeous pictures of Lefkada. You are so lucky you got to experience such an scenic view. :) I’ve never visited, but is surely on my bucket list now. haha Safe travels. – Mariella

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