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The ultimate list of MUST EAT in Poland

Yes, you can eat a sushi, pizza or steak in Poland and it will be delicious. But why don’t you try something that is local and you can have it only in Poland? Here you have a list of the most popular dishes (soups, main courses, desserts) that you can get in the restaurants on your Polish trip. Just take this list with you, show it to the waitress and start your culinary journey :)

  1. BARSZCZ BIAŁY – sour rye and pork broth with cubed boiled pork, sausage, ham, hard boiled egg, and dried breads (rye, pumpernickel)
  1. BARSZCZ CZERWONY –  red soup made from red beets. The traditional Polish version also contains a number of additional ingredients, like beet greens, garlic, onions, carrots, celery and root parsley.
  1. BIGOS – a stew of sauerkraut and meat (mainly sausage)
  1. CHŁODNIK – cold soup made of soure milk, young beet leaves, beets, cucumbers and chopped fresh dill
  1. GOŁĄBKI – cabbage leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat and rice or with mushrooms and rice
  1. FAWORKI – light fried pastry covered with icing sugar
  1. KASZA GRYCZANA ZE SKWARKAMI – buckwheat cereal with chopped, fried lard and onions
  1. KAPUSTA ZASMAŻANA – sauerkraut pan-fried with fried onions, cooked pork, whole pepper, and rich spices
  1. KOPYTKA – hoof-shaped potato dumplings
  1. KACZKA Z JABŁKAMI – roast duck with apples
  1. KAPUŚNIAK – cabbage/sauerkraut soup
  1. KOTLET SCHABOWY – a pork breaded cutlet; made of pork tenderloin
  1. KOTLET MIELONY – minced meat cutlet with eggs, bread crumbs, garlic, and salt and pepper rolled into a ball and fried with onions and butter
  1. MAKOWIEC – poppy seed-swirl cake with raisins and/or nuts
  1. MIZERIA – salad made from cucumbers in sour cream with dill
  1. PĄCZEK – closed donut filled with rose marmalade or other fruit conserves
  1. Pierogi – dumplings, usually filled with sauerkraut and/or mushrooms, meat, potato and/or savory cheese, sweet curd cheese with a touch of vanilla, or blueberries or other fruits, such as cherries or strawberries, apples
  1. PIERNIKI – soft gingerbread cookies iced or filled with marmalade of different fruit flavours and covered with chocolate
  1. PLACKI ZIEMNIACZANE – potato pancakes usually served with sour cream
  1. SERNIK – cheesecake made from a quark fresh cheese
  1. SURÓWKA Z MARCHEWKI – carrot salad made with coarsely grated carrots, coarsely grated apples, lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt, and sugar
  1. ZRAZY – twisted shape thin slices of chopped beef, which is flavored with salt and pepper and stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, and potato
  1. ZUPA OGÓRKOWA – soup made from sour and salted cucumbers

SMACZNEGO! (Enjoy your meal in Polish :))



  1. It all look so delicious! I just love Polish cuisine it is so tasty, like an ultimate comfort food for me :) Pierogi are my absolute favorite of all times, I could eat them every day. I love visiting Poland and going to authentic Polish restaurants and eat delicious pierogi;) The best one I have had so far were in a restaurant in Warsaw called the Akademia. They serve Polish food but usually in more modern forms, and everything they have is fresh and high quality. Of course, everything the is delicious, but pierogi are just insanely good!

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