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Top 10 things to do in Dubai

Dubai is exciting. The city which raised almost from nothing, in the middle of nowhere, become one of the most spectacular and modern places in the world. And it’s packed with full of fun, pleasuring things to do. If you have time, try to do everything! I’m sure you’ll love it :)

  1. Marina

Dubai Marina is a district, built along two-miles (3 km). The place is full of skyscrapers, fancy hotels, bars and restaurants. It’s a vibrant place, which gives a sense of super modern city life. Especially by night it looks amazing with millions of lights around. Find some time to go for a walk there. Also it’s a great spot for a run along the canals. Fun&fit :)

Dubai Marina by night
  1. Aquaventure water park

Not only for kids :D If you have a day and you would like to spend it actively, it may be a great idea. The water park is huge, so you really need a few hours to try every attraction. The park has everything that you need to relax and have some fun. There are beaches, aquarium, diving opportunity and many waterslides. The craziest one is the underwater tunnel, which lets you see sharks swimming above and around you. Must do! 


  1. Bedouin camp

This is very interesting. Have you ever been thinking how is it to live in real camp at the dessert? It’s possible to try by taking a part in an overnight stay with Bedouins. You will be taken to the middle of the dessert where the camp is situated. It will be a time for traditional activities like henna, music, dance, Arabic coffee making. Than you will enjoy a traditional Arabic dinner and spend your night in the Arabic tent. Sounds like an adventure :)

  1. Camel Safari

This is really must do experience. Can it be anything more Arabic instead camel ride through the dessert? You can find numbers of safari packages in the Internet. Most of them include not only a scenic camel ride, but also a dinner on the dessert under the stars and dance/music show. All in all it looks like a great plan for the afternoon. But also keep up in mind that is a very popular attraction in Dubai, so it’s better to book it in advanced – at least 2 weeks before.


5.  Burji Khalifa

It’s an architectonic masterstroke. This super tall skyscraper is the tallest structure in the world. It stands at 829.8 m (2,722 ft). In general it earned many records of height like world’s highest observation deck floor, world’s highest outdoor observation deck, world’s highest nightclub, world’s highest restaurant. Whenever you choose to eat there, dance there or just observe the view, you can be sure to be the highest on the globe.


  1. Burj Al Arab

The building is a landmark of Dubai. It’s the third tallest hotel in the world. It was designed to look like a sail of the ship. You are not a guest of the hotel, you need to pay for the entrance to the pool/garden area. It costs 100$. If you don’t want to spend your money for that, just go to the Jumeriach Beach next to the resort and you will have a perfect view for the hotel. In my opinion it’s really enough.

Sail-like hotel
  1. Jumeriach Beach

What is nice about Dubai, is that it has many free, public beaches which are clean and well equipped with showers and changing rooms. If you need a break and chill a bit, than you have a place to go. Jumeriach Beach is a good spot, because you can see the famous Burj Al Arab hotel from there. 

  1. Souks in Dubai

This is a beautiful experience. Souks of Dubai are quite famous, even if they are not big at all. You can choose from Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Textil Souk. All of them are situated in the Old Dubai. They all are very colorful and vivid. I would suggest to go there at the evening as it gives the place an extra magic.

  1. Dubai Mall

Even if you are not a shopaholic, you just need to see that. This is biggest shopping mall the world. It has 112,4 ha (1 124 000 m2) in total and includes 1,200 shops. In 2011 it was the most visited building on the planet, attracting over 34 million visitors. When I was there I was dreaming only about a bike or a car to move from one shop to another. Only going from the metro station to the main entrance took me 20 minutes walk in the inside tunnel. And I walk fast.

  1. Old Dubai

This is my favorite place in the city. The place where everything has started. Dubai is not only the city of the skyscrapers and modern architecture. The old part is charming and very Arabic. You can drink a real Arabic coffee from the little canteen or take a traditional wooden boat (read how to spend time in Old Dubai here).




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