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In search of healthy sweets in Hong Kong

I love sweets. But I also love to be in shape and in good health so I tried to avoid all the junky sweets packed with white sugar, trans-fat and preservatives. Firstly, these are very bad for your organism, make you sleepy, cause skin damage and pointlessly raise your blood pressure. Secondly, if you do some sport, you know that sweets slow you down and decrease performance in a long run. Plus, you don’t need a belly, do you? Neither do I :)

Before going to Hong Kong, I’ve heard many legends about the food and the desserts in the city. Shortly speaking, they were claimed to be amazing. I didn’t want to loose my chance to try them, but only on my own rules – all sweets have to be healthy and delicious.

That’s what happens when I can eat desserts without cheating. I take minimum two. Yes, I ate eveything! :)
That’s what happens when I can eat desserts without cheating. I take minimum two. Yes, I ate eveything! :)

I did my research and here are the results of my top fit sweets:

  • The Black Pearl

This is something extraordinary. Not only because of the color but because of ingredients. I have found the black cookie accidently in one of the bakeries and it stole my heart. It looks like weird. It’s like a roll and it’s very soft and wet inside. The composition is surprising. It is made from bamboo charcoal, mochi and high fiber black glutinous rice. All these ingriedients are good for detoxification. Genius idea! That’s why I love Asia J:)


  • Goya berry jelly

This one was found during my visit in the cheapest 1 star Michelin restaurant (click here to read more about this place). I wanted to try something Chinese so I have picked the dessert that looked mysterious in the menu. It turned out to be a fantastic jelly with superfood – goji berries. It wasn’t very sweet (no sugar added), but refreshing. Yummy stuff.


  • The Dessert Kitchen

The Dessert Kitchen is a famous little café, which serves unique Asian style treats. The place is very small and equally famous so prepare to wait a bit in the line. But it’s worthy. Desserts give you a taste of real, modern concept of Asian cuisine. You can choose from dozen of surprising desserts like puddings, mousses, sorbets (both in hot or cold version). They all contain healthy ingredients like fresh fruits, bean, rice, coconut milk, and soy. I have tried a mango sorbet and rice pudding with coconut. I need to admit that the concept of each of desserts was amazing.

  • Wild Mylk

Last, but not least. My healthy discovery of ice-cream. Who doesn’t like them? However, most of them are so fat and full of sugar that it’s impossible to call them fit. How about the ice-cream that will not contain sugar or cream, but only healthy substitutes like coconut nectar, fresh fruits and coconut milk? Sounds unreal? Well, it’s possible with Wild Mylk. The flavors will drive you crazy. I had an opportunity to try Cinoco spice (taste of chinese five spices – anise, cloves, nutmeg, fennel, white pepper), Yum Chai (like a masala chai tea) and Super Cool Mint Chip (with the natural chocolate liquor and spirulina).

Everything is organic, gluten free and guilt free

Click here to read more about Wild Mylk


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