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10 alternative things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city full of popular touristic attractions, but if you like something different, there are many fascinating things to do:

1.Ride the longest escalators in the world

Are you tired of hilly walks in Hong Kong? Do you wanna try something easy-breezy instead? Ride the longest escalator in the world. The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system in Hong Kong is over 800 meters (2,600 ft) long and elevates over 135 meters (443 ft) from the bottom to the top. It links the Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island. Even Batman used it in his film The Dark Knight (2008), so you cannot skip it as well: D

2. Eat at the cheapest 1 star Michelin restaurant

If you are looking for something special for lunch, this place is for you.

Tim Ho Wan became a popular dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong after receiving a Michelin star. What’s more, it’s also well known for its prices as the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world. A Michelin star, good price and tasty food. What else do you need? :)

3. Take a night tram with the view

This is a wonderful way to see the city. The tram trundles along Hong Kong Island from Western district, all the way to North Point. It costs only 2 USD, which is next to noting. It’s not a fast ride, but that’s the best thing about it. You have plenty of time to watch the people on the streets, a life around you and the ambiance of Hong Kong. Especially in the evening, when the city is vivid and beautifully illuminated.

Hong Kong by night from the tram
Hong Kong by night from the tram

4. Eat a snake soup

A snake soup is a popular Cantonese delicacy and healthy supplement in Hong Kong. It tastes sweetish because of the addition of chrysanthemum leaves and spices. The snake meat in the soup looks like boiled mushrooms and have a texture similar to chicken meat. You can try this specialty during the fall and winter season in small restaurant Se Wong Yee, which is well known for this soup. One bowl costs approximately 7 USD.

5. Go to the Chinese theater

If you like art, going to the Chinese theater will be a nice opportunity for evening. Hong Kong theaters have a wide range of shows from comedies to dramas. They are played in Chinese with English subtitles. Therefore, you can experience Chinese way of thinking and story telling and understand everything. That’s pretty cool!

Check out the repertoire here


6. Visit a Chinese pharmacy

Not without a reason Chinese natural medicine is well known in the world. Health and being in shape for a long time is an important part of Chinese culture, so you can’t find a better place to ask for an advice from locals. The Chinese Pharmacies are extraordinary and absolutely special with their jars full of herbs, mushrooms and other natural specifics. Everywhere in Hong Kong you can find the traditional pharmacies. Even if you feel good, it’s worth going there to hang around and chat with the sellers. It’s super interesting!


7. Have an Afternoon Tea

Based on British tradition that shaped the modern Hong Kong, having a cup of tea in the afternoon is an elegant and sophisticated way to spend time. The tea afternoons are cultivated in many hotels and restaurants in the city. The most popular is the one in The Peninsula Hotel, which is a landmark of Hong Kong. To read more about Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong click here.

Afternoon Tea in Peninsula Hotel
Afternoon Tea in Peninsula Hotel

8. Take a Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is not only a gentle martial art but also a whole philosophy of breathing, relaxing and controlling mind and body. It also plays an important role in Chinese culture. Every morning you can see small groups of people doing Tai Chi in parks or along riversides. Why don’t you join them and learn something new? That’s what is called a healthy start of the day :)

Many classes are offered FREE of charge. Search for Tai Chi classes here


9. Get your fortune told

Paying a visit to local fortuneteller is a fun thing to do, but also an interesting cultural opportunity. You can find fortunetellers all over the city, siting on the small chairs and waiting to enlighten you about your future. Also, there are dozen of them near Tin Hau Temple. Some speak English, so if you are brave enough, take your chances! :)


10. Eat a healthy dessert

If you try to stay in shape, but don’t want to miss trying something special in Hong Kong, choose a healthy alternative and eat one of the fit desserts this city offers. There are plenty of nice places to choose, from typical Asian desserts based on soy, bean and vegan milk to popular sweets like ice creams or cookies. Click hereto read more about my top list of fit desserts in Hong Kong.

Do you have something to add the list? :)

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