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Eat local: Tea Afternoon in Hong Kong

Experiencing the acclaimed Peninsula Classic Afternoon Tea is an iconic landmark of Hong Kong. The sophisticated selections of sandwiches and savory pastries accompanying with teas is served daily in The Lobby at The Penninsula Hotel. This place has been recognized as one of the most elegant meeting places in Hong Kong.

If you want to spend an extraordinary afternoon and feel classy and sassy, this is the place to visit. Even if you don’t like sophisticated places, but you love to eat delicious and mouth watering food, you won’t regret a minute in The Penninsula.

The Peninsula’s legendary Afternoon Tea is a ritual rooted in British custom, with The Duchess of Bedford originally bringing afternoon tea into vogue in 1830. The tradition is still cultivated and thanks to this, we can experience a wonderful afternoon tea each day.

The hotel itself was built in 1928, and it is Hong Kong’s oldest hotel. The night in this 5 stars hotel starts from 500 USD, but if you have a tight budget, you can just have Afternoon Tea as visitor.

The beautiful lobby of the hotel Penisula
The beautiful lobby of the hotel Penisula
Details of the lobby
Details of the lobby

The ritual starts at 2pm everyday but I would suggest being at The Lobby about 30 minutes before as the line is quite long and the rule ‘first come, first sits’ is strictly obeyed.

I was there with my fiancée and we decided to go for the most popular set for 2 people. It costs 80 USD (46 USD, if you want to order for one person) and it includes a huge cakes and sandwiches stand and selection of teas and coffees.

It’s enough to fulfill your hunger and sweet tooth :) I can tell you that we love to eat, but it was way too much even for us :)

Here it is: the famous Afternoon Tea
Here it is: the famous Afternoon Tea

Our stand had 3 levels of platters with delicious, bite-size snacks.

The first level had sponge cakes with raspberry and white chocolate cream, orange chocolate macaroons and passion fruit cream pie.

The second one, had pretty sandwiches with cucumber, salmon and tuna.

Last but not least – the third level included warm raisins scones served with organic strawberry jam and butter.


My absolute top of the top was an orange macaron with chocolate cream and freshly baked scones. Yummy!

A classical music played live from the balcony above our heads was the most wonderful part of the experience. The sound of piano and violin was just the icing on the cake. You don’t really need anything else to spend a relaxing afternoon on spoiling yourself.

I’ve read an opinion that the place is nice but someone ate everything in 30 minutes and was done. Well I would suggest going there with the person you like to talk or with the book and enjoy a nice time with a classical music and beautiful surrounding. This kind of place is not only about eating but also about the atmosphere.


I believe it was definitely worth every penny! ;)

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