8 reasons why to love Australia <3

  • Wildlife

I’m sure that all animals’ lovers will understand this point. Australian wildlife is simply amazing. It’s diverse, fascinating and very unique. More than 80 percent of plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to Australia and found nowhere else. The kangaroos, koalas, exotic birds, wombats. Yes, it’s the only place in the world where you can find them in nature. How cool is that?

The very rare albino kangaroo
The very rare albino kangaroo
  • Landscapes

If you are a landscape lover, it’s a place for you. In Australia you can find all kind of views that will blow you out. Starting from national park with the mountains view, high coastline with the ocean waves, ended up with the dramatic city view of Sydney or Melbourne. You can only fall in love and make thousands photo shoots.

Blue Mountains, NSW
Blue Mountains, NSW
  • Endless beaches

Australia is well known for its beaches what’s fully justified. It has the longest stretches of sand-covered coastline in the world. Beaches are clean, pollution-free and high quality. There are more than 10,000 of them around the country, what gives you a wild range of options to play, surf, sunbath as well as chill out with friends. It’s pretty sure that everyone finds a perfect place for himself.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Healthy food

Australia is a paradise for those who like to eat healthy. The variety of organic, fresh products is impressive. Almost everywhere you can find fit versions of popular dishes, as well as options for vegetarians and those who suffer from allergy for gluten or lactose. If you are keeping fit, it’s a place for you. Aussies know how to eat clean and stay in shape. In the same time, eating out all the time is very tempting, since cafes, restaurants and bistros with delicious food from all over the world are in every corner.

Homemade granola with coconut yoghurt and organic berries. Yummy!
Homemade granola with coconut yoghurt and organic berries. Yummy!
  • Aussie active lifestyle

For all fitness freaks it should be an important point. Being active and staying in shape is extremely popular in Australia. You can find people in every age, who are jogging around, do yoga in the parks and spend evenings in the gym. I saw a 10 years old girl who did a morning jogging in my neighborhood, and 80 years old man who did weight training in the gym. Every weekend you can find the whole families trekking in the mountains, playing volleyball on the beach or ride the bike in the park. It’s super inspiring and motivates you to move.2015-08-21-135219-iot2m9ou

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee

The quality of Aussie coffee it’s fabulous. Aussies know how to prepare it and how to serve it. There are plenty of nice cafes everywhere. It doesn’t really matter if you are in the city or countryside. You can have a cup of wonderful coffee in every part of Australia. For all coffee lovers is simply a paradise.ccoffe-iot459rd

  • Tim Tams

It’s the only cookie you can drink. Can you imagine that? It’s not even close to any healthy or diet category, but let’s be honest. Tim Tams are Tim Tams and they are outside of any category. It’s the only chocolate biscuit you can drink. Seriously, it’s the craziest and funniest idea of eating a cookie, ever. Opposite corners of the Tim Tam must to be bitten off, one end is submerged in the beverage, and the beverage is sucked through the biscuit. It makes a chocolate straw from Tim Tam. Brilliant.batoniki-iot49wxd

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