Things in Kuala Lumpur that everybody recommends, but they are not fun at all

  • Botanic garden and Orchid Garden

Every single guide will recommend you to visit Botanic Garden with its famous orchid collection as a one of the most beautiful and interesting places to go. I like all kind of parks, so I went there. To be honest, the park is nothing special. If you want to see it all prepare for an extra stroll, because there are many hills in the area. There are not many info boards so it’s hard to get to a particular part of the garden, since everything looks the same. Orchid Garden is extremely small and this is just a place with pots with flowers.

The Hibiscus Garden wasn’t much better. I was there in December and it wasn’t a particular season for these plants, because there were no many hibiscuses.

The funniest things were the faces of people I have met on my way. They looked so disappointed and when I have asked them if it’s worth going there. They always started with a carful „well…”. Well, you can imagine that it wasn’t.

This is it. The famous Orchid Garden
This is it. The famous Orchid Garden
  • Mouse deer Park

That was probably the worst experience in KL. Before I went there, I had read a lot about the fascinating animal called a mouse deer – which is basically the smallest known hoofed mammal, looking like a mix of deer and mouse. Sounds awesome, isn’t it? Mouse deer Park is situated in the Botanic Garden. It took me a while to find it, but when I did found a few cages, dark inside, so I couldn’t see anything. Somewhere over there was this small animal, probably frightened with people trying to see it. Well, I didn’t see it. Poor, poor mouse deer and poor visitors :)

I would love to take a picture like this, but I haven’t seen a famous mouse deer. Photo by Albert Noorlander
I would love to take a picture like this, but I haven’t seen a famous mouse deer. Photo by Albert Noorlander
  • Taxi drivers

I was told that taking the taxi in Kula Lumpur is quite a good idea. Especially, when you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t want to waist it for finding the direction. It is supposed to be quite cheap as well. Here is a reality. Firstly, almost every taxi driver had no idea where to go when I showed him my hotel address (which was in downtown). In most cases we wandered around the same streets so I had to navigate the taxi driver on GPS. Secondly, every time I wanted to catch a taxi, the taxi drivers denied to turn on the taximeter, claiming that there was a traffic. What kind of excuse is that? Traffic or not, the distance is the same. I had many arguments with Malaysian taxi drivers, almost every time I’ve heard that they don’t want to go. Really? A taxi driver who just doesn’t feel like going?! Annoying.

Remember: No sex and no durian in the taxi
Remember: No sex and no durian in the taxi
  • Chinatown

I am a fan of Chinatowns. They are always so colorful and loud, so many things are going on there and the food is just great. But the Chinatown in KL was kind of disappointing. First of all, it was quite small, very crowded and hard to walk through. The small stands were everywhere and the path between them was so narrow that it was almost impossible to stop even for a while. I was also quite unlucky with the food. It was quite pricy and less tasty in comparison with other Chinatowns I visited. The meat was gummy and veggies were undercooked. In simple terms: it wasn’t fun.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • Food

It’s hard to discuss with the individual taste, so I won’t do that. I will only share my personal opinion. I’ve read a lot about how amazing Malay cuisine is. How diverse is the mix of flavors, but I just can’t agree. Every time I have tried to eat a typical Malay food, it wasn’t good. I’m really open for novelties and I can eat everything, but in Malaysia I didn’t even know what I was eating. When I’ve ordered e.g. a chicken, I would say that it was some part of the chicken, but it wasn’t a part you would expect… As a person who tried to eat healthy food I had many difficulties with choosing the right stuff. Believe me that eating a famous dessert like coconut soup with jelly beans is not a best option for your body.

How about you? Did you have similar experiences in KL?

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