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How to keep fit while travelling – 10 basic tips

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with a regular training and clean eating while travelling. However, with a little bit of motivation and a bunch of a easy tips, you can have both: travels and healthy lifestyle.
Here are my favorite tips about keeping fit:

  • Find a place to exercise

Try to choose hotels with the gyms that are more and more popular nowadays. They are not always perfectly equipped, but usually good enough to do an intense workout. If you don’t have this opportunity, find yourself a bit of space in your room or even on the corridor. Also, outdoor workout is always a good idea. Parks and places good for running are everywhere!

Morning yoga session on the roof, Santiago de Chile
  • Use what you have
Outdoor workout in New Zealand

If you don’t have professional sport equipment, use things that surround you! I usually do my training with the bench in the park, stairs, or a simple chair. I also carry a jumping rope with resistance bands. They are small, weight next to nothing and I can do a nice workout everywhere.

  • Start your day with a training

It’s hard to motivate yourself for training, especially after an active day when you travel and change places. The best option for me is to start a day with training, when I’m still full of energy and fresh. If I don’t have a gym, I go for run and do some exercises like push ups, squats or sit-ups in between. It gives me the energy for the rest of the day.

How about morning cardio on the beach?
How about morning cardio on the beach? Australia
  • Try a new activity

It’s always a good idea to try the local sport or any activity, which makes you move. You don’t always need a gym to keep fit. How about something new? Surfing in Australia, horse riding in New Zealand, Muay Thai in Thailand or yoga on Bali? Each country has something special to offer. This is my favorite way to keep fit without getting bored.

Surfing in California
Surfing in California
  •   Drink water or coconut water

Super simple, but it works. Drink a lot of liquids! Especially, when you travel to warm countries. It will boost your metabolism. However, choose smart: drink water or coconut water (natural isotonic). By all means, try to avoid drinks with sugar or alcohol.

Fresh coconut in Australia
Fresh coconut, Bondi Beach in Sydney
  • Eat local food

The best idea to keep fit is to eat a local, fresh food. Don’t be afraid to try new things. When I travel e.g. in Asia I never choose Western food. I always choose local cuisine. Eat what local people eat. They know what to choose and how to use the best, seasonal ingredients. If you are nearby the ocean or the sea, don’t eat the burger, but try seafood, which will be fresher!

Seafood platter on Gran Canaria
Seafood platter on Gran Canaria
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

The best idea to give yourself a good dose of vitamins is to eat seasonal fruits and veggies. Always add them to your meals or use them as snacks. It’s smart to buy them from local suppliers. You will be sure that food is fresh, ripe and full of flavor. A great solution is to drink shakes made with fresh fruits and veggies. They will give you a quick shot of vitamins and fibers and are simply delicious.

Street market in Malaysia
Street market in Malaysia
  • Carry a healthy snack

When you travel a lot, it might be hard to eat regularly. To avoid eating whatever you can buy, prepare yourself in advance. Always have a snack in case of hunger. I usually prepare myself a box of fruits, fresh veggies and nuts. It won’t take you a lot of time but keep you away from snacks full of calories.

Buddha bowl is perfect for a snack
Buddha bowl is perfect for a snack
  • Choose smart

Try to plan your food. You can eat delicious food, which can be healthy and nutritious in the same time. You really don’t have to eat French fries every time you have a dinner. Take rice or rice noodles instead. It’s not that much of sacrifice :) Try to avoid eating fried food, especially as a last meal of the day. Instead, finish your day with veggies (salad, soup) and proteins (e.g. seafood).

Thai beef soup with rice noddles and vegetables. It’s healthy, nutritious and delicious!
Thai beef soup with rice noddles and vegetables. It’s healthy, nutritious and delicious!
  • Craving for dessert? Choose something even more sweet

If you have the sweet tooth, you can still find a balance between eating healthy and fulfilling your desire. Take a fruit instead of chocolate cake! Almost everywhere you can find delicious local fruits, which are colorful and super sweet. After eating a huge papaya or pineapple, you won’t need anything else ;) You can also find a local desserts which are based on healthy ingredients e.g. mango with sticky rice in Thailand or healthy sweets in Hong Kong (read more here).

Do you have other tips? Share them in your comments :)


  1. Świetne porady dla podróżujących. Ja sama na czas wyjazdów mocno ograniczam słodycze i nie piję w ogóle napojów gazowanych. Dzięki temu mogę sobie pozwolić na delektowanie się większą ilością lokalnego jedzienia :)

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