8 most ridiculous myths about Asia

I’ve heard a lot of weird stories about travelling in Asia and how different it is in comparison with other places. These are my top of the top myths. Enjoy!

1. There are no dairy products in Asia

Good news! You don’t have to resign from your favourite latte or cereals  It’s true that dairy products are not so popular like in Europe or the US and a bit more expensive. But you can easily buy a yogurth or milk in every foodstore. I really don’t know why someone promotes a myth like this… Remember, that we live in a globalized world and most of the products are available everywhere.

No yoghurt...
No yoghurt…
...and no milk at all
…and no milk at all

2. You will find only whitening cosmetics in Asia

This one is kind of funny. It’s true that you can find many interesting whitening products (creams, body lotions etc. ) in Asian superstores because a white and pale skin is their canon of beauty, but in the same time there is a wide range of products that won’t make your skin pale.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3. Asia is cheap

While creating the opinion like this we need to take into consideration a few facts. Asia is a huge continent and there are so many countries, that it’s hard to say that it’s cheap in general. Depands on where you go and what you do, it’s possible to live on budget or spent a fortune in the same place. It’s just like in any different part of the world.

4. Asians eat only rice and noodles

Well, Asians eat a lot of different sorts of rice and noodles, BUT it doesn’t really mean that you won’t find anything else in a menu. Firstly, there are salads, soups (without noodles!) and meets in Asian cuisine and they all are delicious. Secondly, it’s not a problem to find other kind of food from different parts of the world.

Can you see any noodles or rice? :D
Can you see any noodles or rice? :D

5. Go there with an empty luggage – you can buy all your clothes there

Ok, I may understand where it’s coming from. Asia is known for being a shopping paradise and it’s true that you can find a wide range of international brands and local products, BUT there is a little problem. As you know, Asians are not very tall and most of them are tiny, so are the clothes they produce. If you are a guy 6 feet tall or a girl who is not very skinny, you might have a problem to find a proper size. I remember my little drama in Seoul when I wanted to buy a pair of nice shoes, but the one I liked were always too small (I have rather ordinary footsize).

6. Asians don’t use deodorants

What kind of ridiculous opinion is that?! I even don’t know why somebody would think like this. Asians use deodorants and you can easily buy all different types of them in the superstore. I met a few people who brought to Asia a few bottles of deodorant because they really believed that they won’t be able to buy one. Don’t panic, really, it’s a global world, you can get most of the things everywhere you go.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

7. You won’t find tampons

Sorry guys – it’s something only for girls, but I just had to. I’ve heard 1000 of times that I want be able to buy tampons in Asia, because they are not popular there. Just don’t believe that. It’s a lie.

8. You can’t buy coffee without suger

I’ve read many opinions about coffee in Asian countries. The main one is that a black coffee is completly unpopular and you will have a problem to buy americano or espresso, and if you get it, it will be super-sweet. Mainly because Asians like to drink a sweet coffee and they ALWAYS add sugar and evaporated milk. You know what? I’ve just had my americano and there was no sugar or syroup in it ;)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Do you know other interesting myths about Asia? I would love to hear them :)

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